Catawiki, a European online auction platform, has collaborated with Ipsos, an international consulting firm, to unveil some exciting findings from its 2023 Consumer Trends Survey.

The pandemic has highlighted the prevalence of “ugly” houses in the world – devoid of design and ideas, even though intellectually independent people inhabit them. With a newfound emphasis on quality and comfort, these spaces will be reimagined in fresh and exciting ways.

The trends for 2023 span from fresh maximalist interiors to old-fashioned analog fads. Millennials have emerged as the dominant online shopping group, and their habits are shaped by a desire for a simpler lifestyle centered around nostalgia, happiness, and relaxation. Jan van Diermen, Vice President of Luxury at Catawiki, explains, “We are witnessing a shift in the world of collectibles towards a segment that is attracting a new and broader audience. In 2023, we expect to see the emergence of a new classic – from vintage jewelry like brooches to cars like the late 1990s Mercedes-Benz SLK Convertible.”


Ettore Sottsass.  Tappeto Volante. Edition Bedding Brevetti

Gucci Cruise campaign 2023
Gucci Cruise campaign 2023


Sade Gallery.

Emma Scully  Gallery
Emma Scully  Gallery


1. Beyond normal

The time to break the old rules has definitely come. In recent years, attention to individual and personal style has increased significantly. Think maximalism in interior design, flamboyant clothing, and tech-inspired art — like your AI-generated portrait next to an Ettore Sottsass shelving unit. Contrasting combinations are in fashion, like Moschino with Margiela. Fashion collections focused on a single gender are no longer relevant.

2. Nesting

The interior directly affects how we feel. A recent study in France found that more than 50 percent of participants thought their homes could have been more comfortable during lockdown, and that they were willing to invest more to achieve that comfort. In these uncertain economic times, it’s no wonder everyone is looking for warmth and comfort when shopping for 2023.


3. Y2K is Now

Millennials will be the dominant consumer in the coming year and are expected to be captivated by all things Y2K. Items that were popular at the turn of the century will be discovered and revived. The early 2000s symbolize their infancy, so millennials are looking for something that takes them back to a carefree past. Shiny pieces worn by Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears, luxury cars from Fast & Furious and Need for Speed, and memorabilia from the dawn of the digital age such as the Playstation and Pokémon. In just one year, 50% more Pokémon were sold on Catawiki, with the highest price for a single Pokémon card being €5,100.

Carla Sutero Sardo . A fairy tale in the city. Catawiki
Carla Sutero Sardo . A fairy tale in the city. Catawiki


4. New heroes, more narratives

Society’s focus on diversity and inclusion is expressed in things that tell a story with which to identify. Think wine from lesser known regions or women’s art. Wouter Wyers, Catawiki’s sports memorabilia expert notes the growing interest in women’s sports trading cards: for example, a Sports Illustrated PSA 10 card featuring Serena Williams (Kids Series 4 Rookie, 1999) sold for a record $266,400 in 2022.

Peter Lindbergh (1944-2019). Eva Mendes. Catawiki

Maxence Parot. Vase unique. Catawiki
Maxence Parot. Vase unique. Catawiki


5 . Alternative investments

Whiskey, vintage watches and vintage cars have been popular investments among a wide range of collectors for many years. In 2023, Dutch collectors will invest in less obvious rarities that reflect their passions. According to Jeroen Koetser, Catawiki spirits expert, there are many new investment opportunities: “A good cognac from the 50s or 60s is still affordable, but its value is expected to skyrocket. The same goes for traditionally brewed beers, where we have already seen 750 ml bottles go under the hammer for 500 euros.

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