I AM IDEA, a creative agency, has unveiled the visual identity and typography design for the Lithuanian TV series “Troll Farm”, which premiered at the 2023 Berlin International Film Festival. The five-episode series, produced by Gabii Surbite and directed by Ernestas Jankauskas of Dansu Films, follows Ana, a corporate diva seeking revenge after being unfairly fired. The agency created a bold and expressive logo featuring a “troll” symbol with an eye, which also served as inspiration for the promotional posters and unique merchandise. Lithuanian photographer Audryus Solominas was commissioned for the photo shoot. The series was also presented at Content London and Série Series Summit.

The agency’s creative team designed the posters to capture Ana’s character and the series’ overall tone, resulting in two versions. The visual materials were used in the full premiere of the show on Lithuanian screens in January-February 2023, displayed on the big screen of a cinema.

Shot entirely in Vilnius, “Troll Farm” received critical acclaim at the Berlinale Series Market, which selected the series and its merchandise for the event. The show’s unique concept and gripping storyline caught the attention of international audiences at Content London and the Série Series Summit.

With its successful premiere and strong branding, “Troll Farm” promises to be a significant addition to the Lithuanian television landscape, showcasing the country’s thriving creative industry.

“I AM IDEA” has once again demonstrated its ability to develop a compelling visual identity and messaging for its clients. Their work on “Troll Farm” is an excellent example of how a well-designed logo and promotional materials can help a TV series stand out in a crowded market.

Moreover, the Lithuanian film industry is gaining recognition for its fresh and innovative storytelling, as evident in “Troll Farm.” This show’s success and international recognition are a testament to the country’s growing creative industry, which has attracted the attention of filmmakers and producers worldwide.

With its gripping storyline and unique branding, “Troll Farm” is a must-see series that offers a refreshing take on the drama genre. As the show gains more viewers, its impact on the Lithuanian television industry and creative landscape is sure to grow.


The full premiere of 5 episodes of the show took place in January-February 2023 on Lithuanian screens. The presentation used all the visual materials developed by the creative team, which were broadcast on the big screen of the cinema.