PriestmanGoode has partnered with French startup Skyted to develop a sound-absorbing mask with a miniature reactive silencer.

It eliminates 80% of voice sounds, and its shape is suitable for any face. Such a mask is needed in order to maintain the confidentiality of conversations in public places.

The mask was shown at CES 2023 in Las Vegas. According to PriestmanGoode director Luke Hawes, this was a prototype – the mask is still in development. It was created against the backdrop of news that calls will soon be allowed on board aircraft. But the noise can annoy other passengers, and the conversation will be heard by others. This mask is also suitable for any other public transport.

According to Hawes, the mask is breathable and has a miniature jet silencer built into it. The mask is compatible with all mobile phones and calling software. PriestmanGoode and Skyted plan to use only recycled or recyclable materials. In addition, they should not overheat the user’s face. The product will be launched on March 15, 2023 as part of a Kickstarter campaign.