Egyptian designer Maram Al Rafai created a typeface for the Film My Design event. It is inspired by the emotions expressed in cinema.

Film My Design is a film program for the Cairo Design Festival that focuses on design in film. It runs from January 27 to 30 and covers all areas of design, including architecture, crafts, filmmaking, furniture design, product design, and more.

Al Rafai has explored ways to show the eclectic selection of films and the diversity of the film experience. The result is a vibrant color palette and deliberately unusual typography.

For the project, Maram watched the trailers of seven films included in the film program and wrote down first impressions in detail. And then – the entire repertoire in the order in which the films will be shown to the audience. “I found that the program can be compared to a wave of energy that takes the viewer from one feeling to another,” explains Maram. The designer created a chart detailing all the emotional ups and downs.

She realized that his lines could be a useful visual guide. “Based on this visual identity, I determined what the typography and graphic elements should look like,” says Maram, “I used compact and wide fonts, serif fonts and sans-serif fonts to show dynamics and a variety of emotions.”