This is the main metaphor in the branding of the exhibition.

Salone del Mobile 2023 commissioned images for its communication campaign from Milan-based creative studio Leftloft and collage illustrator Gio Pastori. Designers turned to simple graphic forms. This is how the concept of the ABC of design was born with icons depicting the main objects around which the entire exhibition is built. Simple forms are emphasized by the use of pure, intense hues.

As a result, Salone del Mobile’s communication campaign for Milan Design Week includes 26 colorful posters (one for each letter of the Latin alphabet) depicting different interior items. This metaphor is underlined by the slogan “Do you speak design?” (“Do you speak designer?”).

Gio Pastori created the illustrations in his signature style, using paper appliqués. He deliberately made mistakes in perspective in order to slow down the viewer’s perception a little. “Illustrating the ABC of objects is a method that invites people living in Milan and around the world to learn to re-perceive them, going beyond the limitations of trends or brands,” says Gio Pastori.