The PlasticFree website is focused on designers and sustainable businesses.

The PlasticFree platform is launched to provide designers with information about innovative plastic-free materials. The resource, developed by the design studio Made Thought, contains more than 100 materials that can be classified by their properties and used to make business decisions. The goal of the platform is to help designers and businesses reduce plastic waste by one trillion by 2025.

The platform was tested by users for two years, including Unilever, Pepsico, and design agencies. New content is expected to be uploaded daily.

Site navigation is simple and intuitive. The materials are divided into two parts: the first is 100% plastic-free, which means that it meets the EU definition of plastic-free, and the second is “transitional materials”. They contain a small amount of plastic. This group includes some types of eco-leather and bioplastics. Users can search for materials by their properties, such as water resistance, elasticity, heat resistance.

PlasticFree was unveiled at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on January 16th and will be unveiled in New York on February 2nd at the Parson School of Design. Even this year, they plan to perform at such events as the Salone de Mobil Milan, New York Design Week and the London Design Biennale.