Creative agency Bickerstaff.734 together with digital agency MOKO created the video “Wherever you are”: the touching story of the Carpathian yogurt “Galichyna”.

Bickerstaff.734 together with the volunteers of Pechersk Kotyk and Brave for Rebuild showed how Karpatskyi continues to help Ukrainians.

“On February 24, life changed a lot. And we have changed: instead of “hanging out at raves” we do something useful at volunteer meetings, and stories from the sea have turned into volunteer gatherings – because “I” and personal interests have long since turned into “We” and joint work for victory. It turned out that Carpathian yogurt “Halychyna” had been observing all these changes for more than a year,” says Bickerstaff.734.

The agency explains the idea of the video: Ukrainians take yogurt with them everywhere (to a shelter or on a long road, to soldiers at the front or to weave nets). And so Karpatsky “spyed” on Ukrainians and admired their courage and excellence, wherever they were.

Few people have thought about how yogurt looks at the world.