Volkswagen is now offering “preconfigured” versions of the ID.4 – this reduces the base price by a mere 5,000 euros to 40,335 euros.

( – So far, prices for the VW ID.4 (buy a used Volkswagen ID.4 car now) have started at around 46,000 euros. But you got the Pro Performance version with 150 kW rear-wheel drive and 77 kWh battery. Now, however, the basic version is available from around 41,000 euros, i.e. for a mere 5,000 euros less.


Volkswagen ID.4 Zoom

Volkswagen ID.4 Zoom


The reason for the lower base price is that the Pure version, which was already offered once in 2021, is back. It has less power, a smaller battery, but also a lower price than the Pro Performance: Instead of 46,335 euros, you now only pay 41,355 euros for the cheapest ID.4.

According to the configurator, the VW ID.4 is now available in normal, configurable versions as well as preconfigured. In both cases, four motor-battery combinations are available. The ID.4 palette now looks like this:

ID.4 Pure: RWD mit 125 kW
ID.4 Pro Performance: RWD mit 150 kW
ID.4 Pro 4Motion: AWD mit 195 kW
ID.4 GTX: AWD mit 220 kW

0-100 km/h
ID.4 Pure: 9,0 Sekunden
ID.4 Pro Performance: 8,5 Sekunden
ID.4 Pro 4Motion: 6,9 Sekunden
ID.4 GTX: 6,3 Sekunden

ID.4 Pure: 160 km/h
ID.4 Pro Performance: 160 km/h
ID.4 Pro 4Motion: 180 km/h
ID.4 GTX: 180 km/h

ID.4 Pure: 16,2 kWh
ID.4 Pro Performance: 16,5 kWh
ID.4 Pro 4Motion: 17,1 kWh
ID.4 GTX: 17,6 kWh

Akku (netto)
ID.4 Pure: 52 kWh
ID.4 Pro Performance: 77 kWh
ID.4 Pro 4Motion: 77 kWh
ID.4 GTX: 77 kWh

ID.4 Pure: 361 km
ID.4 Pro Performance: 531 km
ID.4 Pro 4Motion: 512 km
ID.4 GTX: 500 km

Aufladen AC/DC
ID.4 Pure: 7 / 50 kW (optional 110 kW)
ID.4 Pro Performance: 11 / 135 kW
ID.4 Pro 4Motion: 11 / 135 kW
ID.4 GTX: 11 / 135 kW

Ladedauer DC (5-80%)
ID.4 Pure: 53 min (optional 36 min)
ID.4 Pro Performance: 29 min (?)
ID.4 Pro 4Motion: 36 min (?)
ID.4 GTX: 36 min (?)

Preis (vorkonfiguriert)
ID.4 Pure: 40.335 Euro
ID.4 Pro Performance: 46.335 Euro
ID.4 Pro 4Motion: 49.020 Euro
ID.4 GTX: 53.255 Euro

Preis (mit Infotainment-Paket)
ID.4 Pure: 42.635 Euro
ID.4 Pro Performance: 48.635 Euro
ID.4 Pro 4Motion: 51.320 Euro
ID.4 GTX: 55.555 Euro

The difference between the normal and the pre-configured models: Firstly, the pre-configured cars have no navigation function and secondly, you have fewer options for the extras. Here you can only choose the exterior color and order the Silver style package, the rest is fixed.

With the Pure variant, you cannot order the higher charging power either, but are limited to 50 kW with direct current. With alternating current, the charging capacity of the Pure is only 7.2 kW anyway. That should mean single-phase charging, which is usually only 4.6 kW in Germany.

But that doesn’t matter much, because at least according to the VW configurator, the battery should be full again after 7:30 hours (i.e. overnight). Speaking of which: According to the configurator, the charging time with direct current for the large 77 kWh battery is strangely dependent on the version: it should be 29 minutes for the rear-wheel drive, but 36 minutes for the all-wheel drive vehicles.

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As with the normal Pure variant, the standard equipment of the preconfigured Pure version includes 18-inch steel wheels, LED headlights, the multifunction steering wheel and pedals with play-pause optics (with arrows, like the old cassette recorder). Automatic air conditioning and electrically adjustable, folding and heated exterior mirrors are also standard. The assistance systems are adaptive cruise control (ACC), lane departure warning, parking beepers front and rear, anti-collision system and traffic sign recognition series.

Source: VW configurator