In the new model year, the Suzuki Swace Hybrid is looking forward to more power, modified equipment and new safety features

( – The Swace (buy Suzuki Swace used cars now) hybrid is a vehicle that emerged from the 2020 partnership between Suzuki and Toyota. With moderate success on the German market: around 600 Swace were newly registered in 2022. Now the Badge Engineering model is looking forward to numerous optimizations to the drive, the equipment and the safety features as part of a facelift.

Suzuki Swace Hybrid (2023) erhält mehr Leistung und Ausstattung

Suzuki Swap Hybrid (2023)

Of course, Suzuki does not change the basic concept and the vehicle is still based on the Toyota Corolla. Means: The space should still fit and the trunk volume of up to 1,606 liters is also pretty good for this class. We can’t find any visual differences to the predecessor that would catch the eye either.

Nevertheless, there are of course changes: The Swape is equipped with a new instrument cluster, for example. There is also a new high-resolution 8-inch screen in the center of the dashboard. Wireless connectivity is no longer only possible with Android Auto, but also with Apple CarPlay.

The safety equipment is also expanded. The station wagon has a pre-collision system with detection of vehicles, motorcycles, cyclists and pedestrians. There is an optional warning function that draws attention to cyclists and other vehicles when the doors are opened.

Probably the most important innovation in the Suzuki Swap for the 2023 model year is the new drive. It remains a hybrid concept, but 122 hp become 140 hp. The system consists of a 1.8-liter four-cylinder turbo petrol engine combined with an electric starter generator.

The electronic component has become more powerful, more compact and lighter with the revision. As a result, the hybrid system of the new Swape should be able to drive in purely electric mode more often. In the combined WLTP cycle, consumption of 4.6 l/100 km and emissions of 104 g/km remain at the level of the previous model.

It is not yet known when the model will be in the sales rooms of German dealers. In neighboring France, however, sales began on February 1st. So it can’t last much longer here. When the time comes, the updated prices should also be announced.

Source: Suzuki

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