The electric hypercar Rimac Nevera set 23 new records on the same day at the Automotive Testing Papenburg (ATP) site in Germany

( – The Rimac Nevera continues to break records as the electric hypercar has had an eventful day at a test track in Germany. He managed to set no fewer than 23 records in one day at the Automotive Testing Papenburg (ATP) facility, where he made the most of the 4-kilometre straights.


Rimac Nevera sets 23 records in Papenburg on Zoom

Rimac Nevera sets 23 records in Papenburg on Zoom


Dewesoft and RaceLogic representatives were on hand to independently verify the times and confirm the car was faster than advertised.

Fitted with street-legal Michelin Cup 2 R tyres, the Nevera sprinted to 100 km/h in just 1.74 seconds, beating Rimac’s official time of 1.85 seconds. It should be noted that the sprint was not entirely from a standstill, as the car rolled a good 30 centimeters during the run. The Croatian brand points out that the substrate for the test was not specially prepared.

As CEO Mate Rimac has hinted on social media, the Nevera has set a new world record for the fastest production vehicle, accelerating from 0 to 400 km/h and then back to 0. It took the Nevera 29.94 seconds to complete this task, while the Koenigsegg Regera took 31.49 seconds in 2019 at Råda Airfield in Sweden.

Rimac Nevera sets 23 records in Papenburg

Aside from the records, the Nevera sported a special livery in a nod to Mate Rimac’s own BMW e-M3, an all-electric 3 Series E30 from 1984 that broke more than a few records in 2012. Today, 11 years later, the company’s founder is pleased that the new hypercar reaches a speed of 400 km/h and returns to zero faster than a McLaren F1 (350 km/h).

0-60 mph
Racelogic (Sekunden): 1.74
Dewesoft (Sekunden): 1.74

0-100 km/h
Racelogic (Sekunden): 1.82
Dewesoft (Sekunden): 1.81

0-200 km/h
Racelogic (Sekunden): 4.42
Dewesoft (Sekunden): 4.42

0-300 km/h
Racelogic (Sekunden): 9.23
Dewesoft (Sekunden): 9.22

0-400 km/h
Racelogic (Sekunden): 21.32
Dewesoft (Sekunden): 21.31

100-200 km/h
Racelogic (Sekunden): 2.59
Dewesoft (Sekunden): 2.59

200-300 km/h
Racelogic (Sekunden): 4.81
Dewesoft (Sekunden): 4.79

200-250 km/h
Racelogic (Sekunden): 2.00
Dewesoft (Sekunden): 2.00

0-100-0 km/h
Racelogic (Sekunden): 4.03
Dewesoft (Sekunden): 3.99

0-200-0 km/h
Racelogic (Sekunden): 8.85
Dewesoft (Sekunden): 8.86

0-300-0 km/h
Racelogic (Sekunden): 15.68
Dewesoft (Sekunden): 15.70

0-400-0 km/h
Racelogic (Sekunden):
Dewesoft (Sekunden):
29.94 29.93

1/4 Meile
Racelogic (Sekunden): 8.26
Dewesoft (Sekunden): 8.25

1/8 Meile
Racelogic (Sekunden): 5.46
Dewesoft (Sekunden): 5.44

1/2 Meile
Racelogic (Sekunden): 12.82
Dewesoft (Sekunden): 12.83

Stehende Meile
Racelogic (Sekunden): 20.62
Dewesoft (Sekunden): 20.59

0-100 mph
Racelogic (Sekunden): 3.23
Dewesoft (Sekunden): 3.21

0-120 mph
Racelogic (Sekunden): 4.19
Dewesoft (Sekunden): 4.19

0-130 mph
Racelogic (Sekunden): 4.74
Dewesoft (Sekunden): 4.75

0-250 mph
Racelogic (Sekunden): 21.89
Dewesoft (Sekunden): 21.86

60-130 mph
Racelogic (Sekunden): 2.99
Dewesoft (Sekunden): 2.99

0-200 mph
Racelogic (Sekunden): 10.86
Dewesoft (Sekunden): 10.86

In addition to the 22 records above, the Rimac Nevera also set a new record for the shortest distance needed to stop from a speed of 100 km/h. It stopped at 29.12 meters (95.53 feet) as measured by Racelogic, or at 28.96 meters (95 feet) verified by Dewesoft.