The Renault Espace, which is mutating into an SUV in its sixth generation, will have the largest panoramic glass roof of any car

( – In its sixth generation, the Renault Espace (buy Renault Espace used cars now) is mutating into an SUV, as vans have largely gone out of fashion. Essentially, the new model will be a stretched Austral with either five or seven seats. A new teaser is now trying to increase the anticipation of the premiere planned for March 28th. It advertises a “huge panoramic glass roof” and claims it’s the largest of any other car on the market.

But how big is it? It is a whopping 1.33 meters long, 0.84 meters wide and lets in plenty of sunlight through more than a square meter of glass. As can be seen in the teaser image above, it extends almost the entire length of the roof and is intended to make the interior appear even more spacious. Whether you’re sitting in the front, middle or back, the Espace is designed to feel airy.

As a reminder, the next-generation Espace will be 14 centimeters shorter than its van predecessor. It will have an overall length of 4.72 meters and although smaller, it will boast a slightly larger interior width. Styling is largely carried over from the more compact Austral, with most of the changes coming to the C-pillar and the rear, where there’s likely to be a longer overhang.

The Espace will not only inherit the Austral’s exterior and interior styling, but likely the powertrains as well. The 1.3 liter petrol engine as a mild hybrid is just as likely as a full hybrid with a 1.2 liter petrol engine and an electric motor.

In the compact SUV, the total output varies between 140 and 200 hp, depending on the drive train. A diesel engine seems unlikely as the Austral is sold exclusively with petrol engines.

Renault is also likely to adopt the Austral’s rear-wheel steering and multi-link rear suspension, although the latter is unique to the more expensive version. In the cheaper models, the SUV is equipped with a simpler torsion beam rear axle.

After the world premiere at the end of the month, the new Espace is scheduled to be launched in the second half of 2023.