Like the electric Macan, the large coupé SUV with the internal abbreviation K1 is to be based on PPE and manufactured in Leipzig

( – News about the planned seven-seater coupé SUV from Porsche: A year ago there were rumors about such a car that should be based on the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) and bears the internal abbreviation K1 . Now Autocar is writing more about the car, with the British website citing insiders. In particular, the model is scheduled to start in 2027.


Porsche K1: Coupé-SUV mit sieben Sitzen soll 2027 starten

Porsche’s seven-seater electric SUV as a rendering

The more than five meter long model should not be a pure SUV, but somewhere between a sedan and a crossover. Porsche boss Oliver Blume is said to have described the car as a “very sporty interpretation of an SUV”. A “unique” silhouette is said to be expected, with a bonnet that is short by Porsche standards and a tailgate like that of a hatchback. The ground clearance should be considerable, but can be changed via air suspension.

According to the new rumors, the technical basis for the K1 should also be PPE. That means the car will share the platform with the smaller electric Macan. If the K1 is supposed to start in 2027, the Sustainable Systems Platform (SSP) would also be out of the question, because it was known to have been postponed to the end of the decade (to 2028 or later) due to software problems.

Part of the technology is to be taken over from the Mission R study, which was shown at the IAA in Munich in 2021. This includes a 920-volt electrical system for very fast charging and oil cooling for the electric motors. The battery should have more than 100 kWh storage capacity and enable over 700 kilometers. Other special features of the K1 include all-wheel steering for more maneuverability in the city.

The new top model is said to start in 2027. It will then be the fifth electric car from Porsche – after the Taycan, the electric Macan that will be launched in 2024, the pair of electric Boxster and electric Cayman planned for 2026, and an electric variant of the Cayenne that is to be launched in 2026.

The flagship will compete against Mercedes EQS SUV and BMW iX. The price should be well above that of today’s flagship: the Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT is available from 205,003 euros. The USA and China are named as the main markets.

The car is to be built next to the electric Macan in the Porsche plant in Leipzig. Unit numbers will be significantly lower than the Cayenne, but the high prices should justify the development costs. In addition, Porsche will use the economies of scale that the use of the PPE platform brings to several vehicles (including Audi models). In 2030, Porsche wants to cover over 80 percent of its sales with electric cars.

Our cover picture is a speculative rendering of the new model with the abbreviation K1.

Source: Autocar