Mitsubishi introduced the Delica Mini in Japan, where the basic version of the kei-car with a CVT transmission only has a torque of 60 Nm

After a preview in early November 2022, Mitsubishi has now fully presented the Delica Mini in Japan. As a special feature, the tiny car with its boxy design is optionally available with all-wheel drive or hybrid. It features a body with design cues inspired by the larger Delica D:5.



The pseudo-SUV has a tough look thanks to the silver skid plates and the chunky plastic cladding of the body. Constructed to Kei-Cars specifications, the new Delica lives up to its nickname “Mini”, measuring just 3,395mm long and 1,475mm wide, but 1,830mm high. Its wheelbase measures 2,495 mm and is supplemented in the AWD variant by specially tuned shock absorbers.

Depending on the equipment variant, it rolls on 14 or 15-inch wheels with 155/65 R14 tires or 165/55 R15 for the front-wheel drive model. For the all-wheel drive version, Mitsubishi mounts other 15-inch wheels with 165/60 R15 tires. The fuel tank holds just 27 liters. The lightest version available weighs 970 kilograms, while the heaviest version tips the scales at 1,060 kilograms.

The drive is provided by a three-cylinder naturally aspirated engine with a displacement of 0.66 liters (the regulations do not allow for more) and 52 hp and 60 Nm of torque in the basic version. In the more powerful version, the car has 64 hp and 100 Nm. The Delica Mini is offered exclusively with a continuously variable transmission (CVT), and both engines can be used with both front- and all-wheel drive.

Despite being a small car, the Mitsubishi Delica Mini is packed with features. In addition to Grip Control and Hill Descent systems, it has adaptive LED headlights (with automatic high beam), adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning and even traffic sign recognition.

The interior has dirt-repellent, water-repellent fabric covers, and the cargo area is also dirt-repellent.

The Delica Mini is available in 12 liveries, half of which are two-tone, and will go on sale on May 25 with prices ranging from 1,804,000 to 2,238,500 yen. At the current exchange rates, this corresponds to around 12,500 to 15,600 euros. Mitsubishi has already received around 9,000 pre-orders, of which 60 percent are for the all-wheel drive model, while 80 percent have chosen the top specification.