The fastest Class A RV on the Bonneville Salt Flats is for sale in Colorado – GMC land speed record is 120 mph

Then this Class A camper for the Bonneville Salt Flats might be the right choice. It’s for sale in Colorado. The speed record of this 1977 GMC is 195.5 km/h. It is advertised on the Facebook marketplace. For $95,000.

In order to reach this high speed, the camper has an 8.2 liter Chevrolet V8 with nitrous oxide injection. The unit delivers 700 hp. Power is sent to a limited-slip differential via a Turbo-Hydramatic 425 automatic transmission.

The RV is street legal (i.e. in the US). However, the original kitchen, bathroom, bed and other amenities were removed to save weight and maximize top speed. However, there is a passenger seat, a roll cage and a fuel cell.

The custom-built cockpit includes an aluminum dashboard and a special instrument set-up with a data logger. A camera system allows for side and rear views of the vehicle’s exterior.

The modified exterior features black, white and gold colors and large stickers on the windows to raise awareness of the neurological disease CMT. For high-speed driving, a front splitter and side skirts can be fitted to improve the vehicle’s aerodynamics.

This RV set the land speed record in August 2016. According to the project website, it even reached a speed of 196.6 km/h while driving in one direction. However, the average speed in both directions is the one that goes into the record books.

According to the seller, this motorhome has appeared in publications such as Autoweek, Popular Mechanics or Hot Rod.

GMC motorhomes in general are very popular these days and this one is one of a kind. Theoretically (if you are not interested in speed records) you could equip this vehicle with a bathroom and a kitchen again. With the big V8 engine it would still have plenty of power but with the added benefit of improved usability.