On the Ukrainian Antarctic station “Academic Vernadsky,” an art installation called “Home Memories” was presented to commemorate the 160th birthday of Vladimir Vernadsky. The project was designed by Balbek Bureau architects before the full-scale war and executed by the “Wonder Workshop” research and design bureau with the support of “Silpo.”

This creative reimagining of an old fuel tank features metal outlines of a typical Ukrainian home. The installation designers analyzed buildings in various regions to create a collective image of a Ukrainian house, complete with a slate roof, chimney, and distinctive windows. They decided to replicate this image using a finely detailed frame around the tank. In the spring of 2022, the “Noosphere” icebreaker delivered all the cottage structures to the station, but the implementation of the idea had to be postponed due to the war.

Now, in the midst of the bloody battles for Ukraine’s future, the art installation has taken on a new meaning. “Home. Memories” is a metal sketch that depicts the outlines of a traditional Ukrainian house, say the project’s authors. For millions of Ukrainians, the dream of returning to their homeland and their own home is the greatest aspiration. The native home is a symbol of resistance against armed aggression, a source of inspiration, and memories of loved ones.

The walls of the tank feature boards with facts about Ukraine and the station, as well as symbolic items such as clumps of black soil or fragments of embroidered shirts. This year, another board was transported to the station, which tells the story of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022. Tourists will have the opportunity to donate to support the “fighting penguins” – polar explorers who joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine and changed into pixelated red expedition uniforms.