Another unsurpassed example of kitchen design in a classic style — kitchen set “Sicily”. In every detail there is an attractive flavor of the Sunny island, a true Paradise in the South of Italy.

And above all, it is guessed in a rich color scheme. She presented colours to suit every taste, from delicate antique vanilla with walnut patina to the deep oak of Goa with a black patina. Patina is beaten here in a special way. Its color can be green, blue, silver or gold. All this makes it possible to give the classical style expressive features.

Household appliances in the kitchen in a classic style in any case should not be conspicuous. And here designers have found a very convincing and original solution. Thinly stylized kitchen set hood is an organic continuation of it. The cooking surface is integrated with the working area. And the oven is cleverly disguised between the cabinets.

Along with closed drawers there are shelves with frosted stained glass Windows decorated with laconic patterns. A notable detail of the headset is the open sections. They change the geometry of space and perform a very practical function. Here you can place the kitchen utensils Essentials. And on the open shelves will look spectacular decorative dishes and accessories. Railings above the cooking surface and near the sink facilitate the cooking process. So the most necessary equipment will always be at your fingertips.