Home appliances make life much easier for modern families. Cooking, cleaning, washing things is much easier and faster thanks to modern appliances

It is very inconvenient when the refrigerator or washing machine fails. Despite the availability of a variety of equipment in stores, it is more profitable to repair appliances than to buy new ones. TMService LLC provides services of fast and high-quality repair of household appliances at home in particular, dishwasher repair. Craftsmen have the necessary tools and parts, and can repair equipment of any make and year of manufacture.

No appliance is insured against breakage, not even a refrigerator from a proven manufacturer. The refrigerator is perhaps the most important household appliance in the kitchen, because the health of the whole family depends on the freshness of the products. If it breaks, the masters of TMService LLC will quickly correct the fault. It is necessary to address for the help of experts if such changes (or malfunctions) in work of equipment are observed.
• The thermostat does not work. In such cases, the compressor must be replaced.
• The cooling system does not work.
• The refrigerator does not freeze (although it works when turned on).
• Noticeable water leakage.
• The compressor runs continuously.
• The freezer has failed.
• Excessive noise during operation.

The causes of malfunctions can be different. Do not try to repair the damage yourself

This can damage the equipment even more. Specialists of TMService LLC will quickly arrive on call and repair the equipment without having to move it to the workshop.
LLC “TMService”: quick repair of household appliances

When the hob, refrigerator, microwave oven fails, the usual rhythm of the family is endangered, because in modern life it is important that every minute was productive. TMService LLC cares about the peace of mind of its customers, so it offers fast and high-quality repair of household appliances with the departure of masters on call. Repairs will cost much cheaper than buying new equipment. Usually, repair work lasts no longer than one day. There are a large number of spare parts for old and new equipment. Specialists guarantee the work done.

If there is a malfunction of household appliances, you should call +1 (888) 999-0814 for a quick consultation. You can also leave a request on the site to call the wizard. The team of TMSERVICE LLC professionals will quickly restore any equipment in the whole house.