Kitchen in the American version. The unity of style is supported by strict concise silhouettes and calm colors. The facades are presented in three different variations: white, brown and green. Natural palette — a kind of reference to the shady green alleys and snow-white peaks of the quiet cozy town of Denver. This turns the kitchen into a small island of peace and tranquility.

The main highlight of the kitchen — an organic combination of facades of durable solid ash and matte finish. This not only looks spectacular from any angle, but also gives the space depth. Milling in the form of strips focuses on silhouettes, emphasizing elegance, consistency and originality.

Another feature of the kitchen in a classic style — the reasonableness of the location of the main segments. The compact hob is adjacent to the work surface and sink. Therefore, you can prepare lunch or dinner for the whole family almost without going beyond this area. However, the oven is placed in a separate area. This greatly simplifies the preparation of several dishes. For example, while you are cooking soup, you can simultaneously bake meat or do home baking. At the same time you will not interfere with foreign kitchen utensils or a mountain of used dishes.

Blades, skimmers, ladles, which you use most often, can be placed on suspended rails. At the right time, they will always be at hand and you do not have to look for them for a long time in the boxes. The space under the hanging cabinets is divided into compact sections. Here perfectly will fit a teapot, gravy boat, cutting boards or cookbooks.