How to create a perfect kitchen project — stylish, functional and comfortable for the whole family? How to avoid mistakes on this difficult path? Easy, if you know a few simple rules!

First of all, when planning a kitchen, it is necessary to take into account not only the technical capabilities of the room, but also the interests of the family. If your home like to cook a lot, you need a large working area and cooking surface. And on the contrary — if you prepare from time to time, you can do a minimum set of equipment.

If you are planning a kitchen-dining room, the dining area can be placed not only in the form of a dining group. A separate or attached bar counter will be a stylish and convenient solution! However, there is one “but”: if your family has small children, the bar you absolutely contraindicated.

Very carefully you need to take the measurement of the room. Many undertake to make a measurement on their own and make a lot of mistakes simply because they do not know how to do it correctly. But the size of the room is associated not only with the choice of a successful configuration and design, but also its durability and quality. When measuring, it is necessary to take into account the location of all communications, sockets, even the height of the window sills, the curvature of the walls and the size of the corners is important! Therefore, to perform the measurement is best to invite professionals — it will save time and effort.

You should also consider the layout of the kitchen. Sometimes the owners overestimate the possibilities of the room and in their house there is a set that brings more suffering than pleasure. So what configuration to choose? The most convenient is considered L-shaped. It is perfect for small rooms and allows you to use the corners and convenient to build a so-called working triangle “refrigerator — sink — stove.” And there is always a place for a dining area with such a layout.

For elongated rooms it will be optimal to build kitchen furniture in a line, on both walls. But there is one caveat: the width of the passage should not be less than 1.2 meters, otherwise the doors of the cabinets will not open, and more than 2.5 meters, in this case you have to “run” a lot of extra kilometers between the refrigerator and stove.

Choosing between a ready-made kitchen and to order, weigh the pros and cons. Despite the fact that the first is usually cheaper, this advantage pales in comparison with the kitchen set to order. The desire to save money can play a cruel joke — the limited size of the modules can leave blank corners, which simply does not fit a standard Cabinet. Kitchen furniture on an individual order will take into account all the flaws of the room and create a unique design.

Household appliances — another pressing issue that arises in the design of the kitchen. It is also necessary to think about it in advance. Do a minimal set of refrigerator, stove and oven or need any additional devices? Choose a stand-alone or built-in equipment? Each option has advantages and disadvantages. Free-standing equipment will save money, but built — in-ergonomic. It takes up much less space, does not violate the design of the kitchen, and it can be comfortably placed. A built-in oven, for example, can be installed in a column Cabinet at chest level, and a small refrigerator in the lower tier of the kitchen.

An important part of the kitchen — washing. If the size of the headset allows, it is better to opt for a large sink with a deep bowl — it is more convenient for rinsing large dishes — large pots or pans. Even more attractive option — a sink with two bowls. It is possible to soak and sort, and even to wash the dishes four hands!

Washing installed in the corner will save space, but it will be inconvenient to use. The perfect place for her — at the window or on the island.