In recent years, increasingly to the services of Ukrainian designers deal with clients from neighbouring Western countries. The first thing that comes to mind — the price of services, but not in this case. Let’s look at the example of the interior of a Parisian apartment than an attractive design from the Ukrainians.

The Paris Apartment project developed Studio Studio Diff in the face of the designers of Jamesuk Irina and Vitaly Yurov. The apartment is located in the heart of Paris, in the historic downtown area of Luxembourg, which is famous for being an architectural “backbone” make up the structure of the XVIII century and the era of Baron Haussmann.

Project Paris Apartment

The buildings of this district are distinguished by one characteristic — an impressive room height, which is neither more nor less — as much as six meters. This advantage allowed us to create a mezzanine, which was organized sleeping place, which in turn “freed” space in the lower level spacious living area — living room with fireplace.

The interior keeps the mystique of bygone times

The color composition is based on a dark palette of colors: rich shades of dark gray (carbon) color is luxuriously combined with black. The main material in the decoration of the room was a tree. Luxurious parquet panels complement the dark wood, it is upholstered the walls and ceiling of the apartment. The designers wanted to preserve the unique character of the room, so classic boiserie panel with stucco elements have become an integral part of the interior.

The tree complements the tinted glass smoky color, which is equipped with a stair railing, and parapet created mezzanine. The alternating glossy and matte textures emphasizes the depth of the chosen color scheme. Right under a flight of stairs located kitchen space. Here in the design of culinary pursuits, the designers mixed different wood varieties and stone.

A sleek, contemporary design

Central is the kitchen island serves multiple functions: a working surface, Breakfast bar and dining area. The versatility of the “object” requires special durability, therefore, the island countertop is made of marble.

Soft light is pleasing to the eye

The daring poster livens up the situation

Modern appliances

Kitchen wall is a combination of dark and light wood. Side open cupboards equipped with neon lighting, warm lighting complements the composition and accentuates the soft chocolate tones of the wood.

Precious stone also used in the finishing of another “whimsical” zone in the house — home, it faced the portal of the fireplace and the furnace. Italian black Portoro marble (Portoro) with a delicate Golden pattern adds a special chic. Near the fireplace a small sitting area. Two leather chairs in the company cocktail table furniture form an elegant ensemble.

The portal is decorated with chandeliers of different sizes and shapes

Distressed leather is a style element

An exquisite combination of wood, leather and metal

Living room — a place of rest, because most of the area is a modular soft island of skin. Exposed industrial shelving, as well as the original lamps with brass elements. Original decoration is a brass statue of David, it looks spectacular on a black background.

Luxurious furniture ensemble

Countertops coffee table is decorated with the same marble Portoro

Vertical garden of ferns refreshes the interior — a link with the street

French door (door high Windows) leads to an open terrace. Here is clearly visible Eiffel tower in the evening, when illuminated symbol of the city, spending time on the terrace is a delight.

In the window to guess the silhouette of the tower

Special attention is given to lighting. Non-trivial chandeliers similar to the works a huge spider is a small led lamp as if caught in a “prisoner” crazy web of copper. Chandelier as a finishing touch, they create an elegant look.

The design of The chandelier belongs to the Dutch master of light — Jan Pauels (Jan Pauwels)

The apartment has got a fresh modern look