Corner cabinets in the kitchen
Corner cabinets in the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the main rooms in the house. Therefore, when planning its interior design, pay attention to the rational use of space. The functionality of the kitchen area should be such as to save space and facilitate the work of the mistress. As a rule, the kitchens are not very large in size, so it is important to save every inch of space.

ideas for shelves in the kitchen
ideas for shelves in the kitchen

kitchen Corner boxes in the kitchen ideas small boxes in kitchen The L-shaped kitchen is suitable for the functional use of the corner. This will significantly increase the space behind and will solve the problem of storage of dishes, appliances or products in an easily accessible place and will hide them from other’s eyes. The corner boxes will help to hide the extra pots and pans. Sliding corner boxes will create comfort in the kitchen.

The best and traditional option for storage of kitchen utensils there are shelves and lockers. The modern trend in the design of kitchen furniture is the use of a chest of drawers. That’s beautiful, comfortable, functional and ergonomic. In addition, this is the original version of the storage of a variety of items.

Internal solutions for corner sliding drawers and shelves in the kitchen can be different. They can be equipped with different compartments, partitions, etc. depending on the design decisions and the needs of the housewives.

In addition to functionality, the corner dish should look aesthetically pleasing. If traditional boxes are replaced by modern metal, then the whole design of the kitchen will glitter.


It is desirable that the corner cabinets flawlessly harmonize with other furniture and the overall style of the room. They may have the same geometric shape, be made in one color with other furniture and can be clearly distinguished by attracting attention.

shelves in korner of the kitchen

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