Knowing how to equip a small kitchen correctly, you can easily achieve maximum aesthetics, while maintaining the comfort and functionality of the entire area. And using parts Sagna to create not just a beautiful kitchen, and the place where you want to gather the whole family and relax enjoying the taste of delicious dishes.

Before you start to make repairs in your own kitchen you need to understand what kinds of small kitchen is divided. Today there are several options for small kitchens, the space of which requires special organization and careful development of interior design.
Of the known types of kitchen layouts the most common are: linear, double row, U-shaped, L-shaped and island/Peninsula. Each of them has individual features and characteristics. But the main thing in the planning of any of them is the proper use of space and creating maximum comfort.
We recommend you to pay attention to the fact that the comfort in your kitchen is influenced by its lighting and color. If the room is well lit, you it visually seems more, and most importantly you are always in a good mood. Color, the designers also recommend the use of a light reflective effect of colors. Curtains, walls, floor and ceiling should be restrained pastel shades — white, peach, light yellow and others. Combine no more than 2-3 colors to get the right result.

If you are not afraid to experiment, you will be able to get a design that will harmoniously emphasize your individuality, as well as allow you to become a favorite place of the family’s cuisine.