The interior of the kitchen in a classic style under the sonorous name “Bergamo Arte” — an example of what design can be a work of art. The find of the designers is the imitation of hand-painted wood. This is how in the old days it was decided to decorate the furniture. In the modern version, the facades of kitchen cabinets are decorated with artful floral patterns. This adds liveliness and bright colors to the interior.

The refined nobility is given to design at the expense of artificially aged facades. Imitation of dried wood, light scuffs, stylized copper handles cabinets, intricately curved mixer — all this fills the kitchen with a unique charm of antiquity. Even the oven is designed in vintage style. It is organically built into the niche between the kitchen cabinets and merges with the interior, leaving not even a hint of modern appliances. Elegant columns, cornices and balustrade add a special chic to the design.

The practicality and functionality of the kitchen “Bergamo Art” is not inferior to impeccable design. The angular arrangement allows reasonable use of every centimeter of space. The location of the vertical and horizontal cabinets is designed so that you can easily and quickly find everything you need. Along with hanging cabinets in the interior there are open shelves where you can keep jars of spices or containers with bulk products.

Cuisine classic style will never lose its relevance. Each project organically coexist impeccable style and thoughtful functionality to the last detail. These are ready-made complete solutions for any kitchen that will delight even the most demanding Housewives.