Inventive minds are awake. And thanks to them every year on sale there are more and more kitchen gadgets to the delight of modern Housewives. Simple and easy to use, they help to easily cope with routine tasks that used to take a lot of time and effort. We present to your attention a fresh selection of devices that will be very useful in the kitchen.

Miracles in the sieve

A colander is an essential accessory for cooking. In it, we wash the cereals or beans before sending them to the pan. The main disadvantage is that the cereal and then wakes up in the sink and have to collect it. Today there was an improved version of the good old colander. It is a deep bowl with a silicone sieve at the top. Thanks to this design, the water is completely drained, and the grain remains inside until the last grain. Additional convenience is an ergonomically curved handle that securely fits in the palm of his hand, not allowing the bowl to slide out. In this colander is easy to wash not only cereals but also fresh berries, small fruits and herbs.

Garlic in depressed state

To prepare a spicy sauce for meat, spicy rolls with filling or spicy adjika for the winter, you need to properly grind garlic. To do this, come up with such a useful trifle for the kitchen, as a press for garlic. However, it is somewhat different from the usual us chesnokodavilke. This is a curved arc grater with sharp blades, which is attached to a comfortable rubberized handle holder. All you need to do is put the peeled garlic teeth on the cutting Board and make a few swinging movements with the press. Passing through small holes with sharp edges, garlic is instantly crushed. Take care of the gadget easily — rinse it under running water and wash with a conventional dishwashing detergent.

Test thread

Happy to bake cakes for loved ones with or without? Then this thing for the kitchen you just come in handy. Compact pastry knife consists of a corrugated disc blade and a convenient holder. It allows you to cut the dough into strips with a curly edge and decorate the pastries with a thin carved lattice or a dense flat braid. Also, with a knife, you can quickly trim the sides of the pie before you put in the oven. The result will be like in a real bakery. Pastry knife can also be used for the preparation of Italian pasta, slicing unleavened dough strips of the desired width. And they are convenient to cut hot pizza into beautiful neat triangles.

Pan of plenty

Cook in one pan just two or even three dishes for an experienced hostess — not a problem. How about a five-course meal? This was made possible by a special pan with five compartments. The middle segment is made in the form of a frying pan, in which you can fry sausages or meat steak with Golden stripes. Two sectors have round indentations for pancakes, fried or scrambled eggs. The two remaining sectors you can use on your own. For example, fry potatoes or stew vegetables on the side. Each compartment is equipped with a durable non-stick coating. Here is a really useful thing for the kitchen, if you need to feed a large family.

Hot stuff

Tea or coffee in a Cup tend to cool rapidly. The pleasure of such drinks is very doubtful. But it is easily remedied — with the help of a portable heater. It is made in the form of a small thin platform, which is recharged from the outlet. Simple touch control allows you to turn on the device with a light touch. You have to put on the platform Cup with any drink. If desired, you can even brew tea or fragrant herbs in a small glass teapot. If you need to slightly warm up the milk, the gadget will easily cope with the task. A priceless gift for those who work at the computer and need to recharge invigorating hot drinks.