Spring is a time of change, when you want to update in all spheres of life. Some women change their appearance, wardrobe or work, others fall in love, and others transform the space around them. It is not necessary to make repairs with redevelopment, you can update the interior quickly and inexpensively, using design techniques and tricks.

1. Decorative pillows: accents in the design

Placement of decorative pillows in different rooms already globally transforms the interior and brings a fresh idea to it. Pillows fit perfectly into the living room, bedroom, children’s room and even the kitchen. They create an atmosphere of home comfort and warmth. You can sew a variety of cushion covers and change them according to the season and mood. Covers can match the color of the curtains, upholstered furniture, tablecloth, rugs, or, conversely, contrast with the room decor. To decorate the room in the Eastern color on the floor throw large pillows decorated with Arabic patterns. Pillows made of fur and fabrics with pile will fit into the classic interior, and floral patterns in pastel colors are indispensable for country and Provence.

2. Rearrange the furniture to expand the space

“Rearranging furniture is one of the best ideas for the interior. But it is not about to swap the sofa and wardrobe — it is unlikely to change anything. We need more ambitious and interesting solutions. Did you know that if you move furniture away from the walls and move it to the center of the room, the space will become visually larger? Try to do this, and you will be surprised how much space is available in the room. Now you can hang bookshelves, put a narrow bookcase or a coffee table along the wall, and all the necessary things can be stored in the built-in wardrobes.”

3. Green apartment

Live plants — the perfect solution for home decoration. They make the house beautiful, fragrant and very cozy, especially in the spring, when nature awakens and all living things aspire to light and warmth. Very stylish look palm trees in large tubs, ficus, Yucca, dracaena, bottle tree and various representatives of the fern family. Many decorate the interiors with ivy, wrapping mirrors and frames with photos, coffee, lemon and orange tree. Large plants fit into any interior, and rose, violet, Jasmine, lavender perfectly enliven the room in the style of Provence and rustic. As for orchids, they are out of fashion. Instead, they become popular florariums — glass containers filled with plants. Usually they are put on tables, dressing tables and bookcases. On the kitchen windowsill you can grow cilantro, dill, parsley, mint and Basil. This will not only add variety to the diet, but also make the kitchen even cozier.

4. Accessories for a stylish home

Sometimes a bright picture or a photo on the wall is enough to make the room look different. Elegant lamp on the table, the original chandelier, colorful floor vase or interesting wall hanger will make a new look at the usual housing. Luminous bed linen, a kettle in the form of an appetizing cake, a knitted rug resembling a cut of a tree or a stack of pancakes, a cheerful desktop covered with colored tape, and will make the interior unrecognizable. Many accessories can be created with your own hands, using in this creative activity crafts for home interior in the style of handmade. The perfect solution — curtains made of beads, lace lampshade, photo collage on clothespins, colorful panels of colorful ties, vintage Cabinet of window frames, wall decor of vinyl records or artificial bouquets for the interior in eco-style.

5. Repaint the walls and feel the spring

Repaint the walls — it is very cardinal! Try to make the walls pastel, still spring has come with its delicate shades and subtle movements of the soul. In addition, the light walls will add space volume and light, cheer up and heal the winter Blues. Especially good with do it light blue, light emerald, beige tones and the color of coffee with milk. If you want to add comfort to the room, choose light green, ochre, orange and pink colors, although the room will seem a little smaller. Mustard, olive and terracotta add energy and strength, and with red and too dark shades in the spring it is better not to experiment. Also remember that shiny and glossy surfaces expand the space and matte ones narrow. If you want to paint the walls in different colors, remember that the most successful combination — light green and ivory, light pink and gray, orange and light olive, beige and chocolate, gray and white.