In search of optimal planning solutions, the designers sometimes go for very bold experiments. From the design Studio of Andrew Sokruta also have your answer to the “housing question”. For example, one of the Kiev “kopeck piece”, which as a result of certain adjustments, completely changed its appearance, can assess the outcome of the. What has changed for the better, take a look?

Planning solution, which does not meet the hosts, prompted them to take decisive action. Wanting to create the perfect housing, the young couple turned for help to the professionals and not lost.

Modern and stylish interior

Any small area (total 63 sq. m.) and its layout does not become a barrier for the creative team of Andrew Sokruta. The basic principle in the work on the project was the functionality which in the process turned into exquisite design.

Small hanging furniture looks elegant and does not clutter the space

To adapt housing for the needs of their owners, designers had to expand the boundaries of space: it had to “reshape” the functionality of the apartment. For example, the kitchen was moved to area hallway: the hallway is shared away from the first and changed the vector orientation in the apartment. This original solution has freed up additional space for the main space — the living area.

The prescription “happiness”

Large living room better than a large entrance hall

The hallway here has more “symbolic importance”, though in fairness it should be noted that in this small entrance area there was a place for a dressing room.

A small dressing room in the corner helps to maintain order in the hall

Followed by a spacious living room. In the decoration used only natural materials: stone, concrete, glass, wood. The emphasis is focused not only on tactile combination of materials and their color contrast. Monochrome gamma works on the expansion and momentum space.

A harmonious color balance

Of course, the main “hero” in the living area was a large modular sofa. Upholstery made of velvet in dark gray complements the interior composition. Horizontal lines built-in lighting enhance the warm, cozy atmosphere.

Industrial chandelier sets the character to the room

Made sure designers and evening leisure activities: living room slide ends home. A small fireplace is convenient and easy to use, it plays a significant role in shaping the home environment.

The warmth of the hearth

In turn, the input part separated from the main space with the walls lined with marble. This wall was the main in the formation of kitchen area in that they have secured the countertop working surface. Rough surfaces of concrete — not only a tribute to current trends, so designers have performed a visual zoning living room and kitchen.

Texture of marble distance special attention

The kitchen area is furnished quite minimalistic, but has all necessary functions for a comfortable process of cooking.

Functionality turned and bedroom. Here is several zones: a sleeping area, a working area and a technical room, which was made possible thanks to transform master and guest bathrooms. One of the sanitary rooms was replaced by the appointment of a technical (here is placed the washing machine, water heater and water filters) and has lowered in meters in favor of the working area.

The glass settled personal space

Technical room separated by glass partitions, which in turn also expanded the bedroom. It should be noted that the interior doors are also made of glasses: height of the product goes into the ceiling, the door has no upper jumper that adds a space of a small room.

Working opposite wall, arranged bookshelves

The wall at the head of the bed designed with wooden panels: hexagonal ornament with the “volume” of the styling creates a stunning textured and light game. This finish does not require any extra decoration items, she plays the role of decoration.

Men’s and women’s side divided the dominion of the space: so near the window in the corner is located the ladies ‘ table.

Ladies corner


Our view:

The most convenient and great zones — the perfect solution for a comfortable life.