With the beginning of the summer season cottage for many becomes a second home. In addition to daily worries in the garden, life in nature is full of pleasures. It is always nice to gather a warm company on a nice summer evening on a cozy terrace. You can arrange a intimate tea party, to exchange the latest news, or quietly enjoy nature. If your country house does not provide such a possibility, it is not difficult to fix. Today we study an interesting design ideas country terraces and to enter into all important details.

What we should build a terrace

Construction and arrangement of the terrace in the country does not take too much time. If you build it from scratch, in General it looks like this. In the beginning establish and fill in with concrete support — metal, wooden or brick. Next, build a frame, the base of which strengthens and connects all the points of support with each other. To the construction stood for a long time, it is reinforced with additional beams — it is on them in the future will lay out the flooring and equip the recreation area.

However, wood for flooring — not the best choice. It should be noted that the sun it dries quickly, and in the rain swells. To such a floor does not come into disrepair after the first season, you should protect it with a special impregnation or a layer of paint. There are budget and more unpretentious to use options — inexpensive tile or linoleum. They are quite wear-resistant, do not require specific care and painting. Yes, and change them if necessary easier.

The roof of the terrace is ideally made of the same material as the roof of the house. However, you can choose any other option. It is important that the material can tolerate temperature changes and protect from ultraviolet rays. In this regard, the best option is polycarbonate. Among other advantages, it does not require a strong Foundation under him. This roof is confident and will stand for a long time on four wooden support points.

Close to nature

Looking through photos of interiors of open and closed terraces in the country, it is important to decide which option is preferable for you. It is clear that the outdoor terrace requires much less financial investment. Especially if you relax in the country a few days a year, to spend money on a full covered terrace does not make sense.

Protect yourself from the scorching heat on the outdoor terrace will help a large beach umbrella. But if the weather plays out seriously, will have to move to the shelter.

For the same purposes, you can use transparent curtains or even a tent. On sale you can find special curtains made of acrylic, it is suitable for outdoor use. Due to the special coating, they repel dirt and dust, do not soak up in the rain and reflect the sun’s rays well. In addition, the curtains of light colors give the terrace lightness and airiness.

Furniture is also important to choose taking into account the changeable weather conditions. The easiest option is folding tables and chairs, which can be quickly collected and brought into the house if a summer storm breaks out or you leave for a long time. Light furniture made of artificial rattan is also suitable. The scorching heat, high humidity and strong wind will not affect it in any way. Quickly carrying it into the house is not a problem.