The storage space can be arranged not only in residential but also in the bathroom. Moreover, it is necessary to accommodate equipment, accessories, towels to hide the hygiene products that are used every day. Thus, maintained order and cleanliness in the room. That’s why the furniture for the bathroom you need to choose a functional and high quality.

The Cabinet in the bathroom is a necessary and, therefore, should be given enough time to choose a decent option. It is important not only successfully fit it into the interior, but also to take into account that it must be resistant to moisture that is always available in the bathroom. When choosing guided by three criteria, namely:

  • appointment;
  • layout;
  • design.

To solve the problem of furniture is not as easy as it seems at first glance, so contact the specialists, they will offer a suitable alternative. If you need a Cabinet for bath towels, detergents or sanitary use, it is necessary to determine its size and shape, so you can conveniently place it on the designated area. Consider the overall layout of the room. In small bathrooms there is no sense to put a dimensional table, because it will take a lot of space. The best option is to place it under the sink and complement the practical cabinets.

If the bathroom area exceeds 8 m2, it is possible to install a large Cabinet. It is convenient and beautiful. Furniture — interior element, so it should complement the space. If the existing items, we can assume that the task of arrangement of the bathroom is done correctly. It is worth considering that in fashion today minimalism and simple lines. Before buying a standard product in the store, consider the option of custom-made piece of furniture. On the website you can order a stand that will fit perfectly into the space of your bathroom.

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What you need to know consumer

Pay attention to the material from which made furniture. It must be durable and suitable for use in the bathroom. The main problem is, of course, the humidity that is always present in this room. The surface of The cabinets must be resistant to mechanical damage, to withstand frequent handling. Aggressive detergents should not be used. Purchase specialized formulations, which are suitable for cleaning concrete surfaces. Successful exploitation of the furniture, it is necessary not only to choose the right material, but also to ensure that no moisture is left on it. The surface of The tables should be wiped dry. Ventilate the room frequently.

Quality – in the first place

When creating multifunctional pieces of furniture for bathrooms taken into account a lot of nuances. They must fit comfortably and provide maximum comfort of use. Ergonomic design involves not only stylistic, but also filled with cabinets shelves and drawers which will accommodate all the stored things. Today, even in the bathroom you can create a beautiful interior. To the piece of furniture is it fit, order your custom project.


Design cabinets for bathrooms from Sterkh relevant, simple and elegant. It is inherent in the typical sense of detail along with carefully thought-out functionality. High quality materials and modern colors create a positive impression about the manufactured piece of furniture. The advantage of ordering furniture from the manufacturer “Sterkh” – the ability to choose what you really like. Specialists of the company for a short time will produce a stand for individually designed drawing taking into account all wishes of the customer. Agreed be design elements, the choice of material of the desired shade and suitable accessories.