Oskar Kohnen Studio has developed the interior optics Lunettes Selection, located a few minutes from the main shopping street of Berlin. Colors, lack of detail and superfluous rated the combination of modern and vintage decor create a timeless atmosphere of calm and static.

“Lunettes Selection Charlottenburg — this is an essay on the old trading floors of West Berlin in the modern interpretation, which leans on the heritage and history of the region.”

The main element of interior design — pastel green pharmacy Cabinet. It takes up the entire front wall from floor to ceiling with a spiral staircase descends to the lower level. Wardrobe is assembled from a vintage tool boxes 1960-ies, in which he stores all of the model points is a deliberate step of the confrontation standard Windows.

“Large-scale repetition of modular boxes and unifying the color gives it a sculptural, which emphasizes light, cubic space,” explains Konno.

The opening in the massive wardrobe leads to the ophthalmology office, separated by a curtain. In the center of the modest Cabinet — pistachio chair.

The shop floor is covered with light gray marble slabs that were laid here in the 1970s. They were released from under the unattractive vinyl flooring left over from the previous owner.

The furniture of the main room — two leather chairs with metal frame table with patterned glass top. Over the table 1980-ies of the Dutch designer Hank Quint contemporary hanging lamp made of glass tubes and steel rings.

“At the same time ultramodern and emphasizing the eternal value of classic pieces of furniture store is the perfect place to brand that specializiruetsya as vintage and modern glasses”, — Oscar Horse.

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