Initially, the loft (eng. Loft — attic the attic) is adapted for housing the factory floor. Once in America developed a crisis, and owners of vacant buildings and stalls were forced to sell everything. And bought artists, musicians and creative people.

They are in these huge warehouses started to do the repairs was a combination of the severity of style and minimalism of things, and the little accents were just works of art, where after collecting concerts, exhibitions and preference, come rich people that each time they learned that such a Loft, the combination of a ruin and luxury. And stuck it with style, and today it is one of the most expensive styles in the interior. Loft is a natural quality materials a minimum of furniture the austerity of colour and a lot of dedication.

leather furniture with brick walls

the house is Loft-style with wooden ceilings

dvukhurovnevoi apartment in loft style with the bike on Stine

office in black tones, loft-style

the old factory shop floor in interior Loft

delicious multi-zone industrial style

minimalism in this style

the apartment was Loft-style with loft

The old and shabby look of the walls was a highlight in the interior

Relaxed and comfortable design of a city apartment

Competent and discreet zoning with transparent partitions

Open communication in loft interior

A few bright touches capable of great transformation of the interior

Another fresh idea for an innovative interior design in loft style

Furniture should be simple and compact style Loft

The interior of living room in loft style

The interior of living room in loft style is the realization of the most daring and original ideas of designers. A multifunctional room, which believes in modernity and antiquity, where we need competent work done and need to consider all the details of the Loft. The main difference from all styles of interior’s high ceilings huge Windows no walls, the combination of different architectural solutions. If you take into account walls in the living room in the Loft they are almost never perekrashivat not glue the Wallpaper, they leave the original look of antiquity. Floors in such rooms and cold concrete on top of them trying to block the boards, it’s more practical and warmer. Ceilings are often white-washed or painted, they never do the stretch. A wooden beam or pipe with exhaust will be the best jewelry. Lighting is the main décor in these rooms of his have much.

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Spacious room, concrete walls and ceilings, large window, classic living room design in loft style

Only a true “Loft” is able to combine irreconcilability and to create this impeccable interior

A simple idea — how to create a unique interior design, loft-style of the ordinary or old things

Loft with brick wall

Modern style in a big loft apartment

Minimalism and concrete walls

Industrial style loft

Classic industrial style loft

Loft large Windows

Retro style in the design of the loft

Brutal living room with fireplace in dark color

A simple idea — how to create a unique interior design, loft-style of the ordinary or old things

Brick walls in decoration living room with panoramic Windows

Cozy and spacious living room with large open Windows

living room design in loft style with white sofas luxury

Studio apartment in loft style with a gorgeous fireplace in the center of attention

Bedroom loft-style

Each style has its own characteristics, subtlety, and sophistication. The loft has example, precision edges, restrained colour, a mix of retro and modernity. Bedroom interior in Loft style first of all, the brevity of functionality where the design includes industrialnet with high ceilings, huge panoramic Windows, and walls where you can see old brick which is a highlight in the interior. Also small bedrooms in this style visually enlarge a drawing on a dazzling white ceiling paint to give a room the attic effect. In these bedrooms there is a minimum of furniture, antique auction furniture is the first sign of this style. Most importantly, the simplicity and contrast.

The comfort and harmony in the sleeping loft interior

apartment with retro elements

Kitchen design in loft style

Kitchen in loft style can come any each soul. After all, the over-saturation in this style is not acceptable. The color of The walls, kitchen cabinets choose not bright, it is often white brown or black. Accents can be done on the light hanging over the work area of the large lamps. For the manufacture of furniture for the kitchen in Loft style, use metal, wood, glass. If the space is small, you can visually expand a suspended glass shelves. And divide the area a small bar which in this style is welcome. Than the original is the decor, the richer it will look.

Comfortable duplex loft with a small and compact kitchen

Minimalist kitchen interior in the style loft

Small kitchen in the loft

Kitchen cabinets in the background the brickwork looks great

Kitchen interior in the style loft looks deliberately unfinished and “in the factory” rough

The space is divided into zones using furniture, lighting or colors

Kitchen-living room in industrial style loft

Studio space kitchen-living room in loft style

Kitchen-living room with dining area, loft-style

Kitchen in loft style in apartment

The cafe interior in the style loft

Each owner is dining at his establishment wants to merge do not merge. This is a Loft style where the combination of wealth and seemingly low cost. This trend is very different from the other interiors. The cafe interior in the style Loft is a rough natural materials, simple designs, comfort and courage. What initially drew the client to the crystal, laying bricks, velvet and mirrors, sculpture elements. The correct planning decision and any huge shop can be an original idea and effective implementation.

Hardwood floors will be perfectly combined with concrete ceiling.

A dark room will create an atmosphere of tranquility

Design in dark color variant will be won

The loft is combined with wood

The light can be focus only on the tables and the bar

The sofa in the hall will look great

Walls can be equipped with additional lighting

In the loft you can add a bit of modernity

Office design in loft style

Office design in loft-style is chosen by those companies that want to emphasize their uniqueness. Now this style is slightly modified, it was simple, modern, and sophisticated. If you decide to create an office in this style you do not have to look for huge shops, or warehouses, it is enough to find a place where you can remove all the partitions, and the working zone and the zone of negotiations to merge into one. The color scheme chosen for offices of this style a cool, understated finish flooring is the best hardwood. Lighting is of great importance, can accommodate a huge chandelier above each working area. And dilute all possible elements, or paintings of famous people, or live plants. The basics of this style are the initially to consider all the details.

office design in loft style

bright office interior in the loft

The loft is always room for creativity

Brick wall — an essential attribute of of loft style