For a two-story house in the suburbs of Melbourne figures of the 1960s have become iconic. The fact is that the construction of the house dates back to the 1960s, in addition the current owners fans of retro style, so the interior has chosen this direction. In General, as they say the house is imbued with the atmosphere of the 60s.

House structure was completely satisfied with the new owners, so change nothing started, and all attention was concentrated on the design of housing.

The main finishing material in the interior was the tree, covering all the major surfaces and architectural elements made of it. To emphasize the rich texture of the wood and its rich colors, for the background was chosen to light neutral colors — milk and white.

Minimalism in the color palette kompensiruet due to the abundant presence in the interior of indoor plants and decor. By the way, the furniture and most of the decor came here as a result of frequent visits by the owners of the flea markets for several years.

Interior dilutes the metal ladder, high railings to the ceiling. Graphite accent color of stairs also helps advantageous to emphasize the texture of wood.