1 Codolagni

The brand was founded by Gabor Kodolanyi of, a graduate of the Institute of applied arts of University of West Hungary in Sopron, and Katalin halász in 2009. Codolagni specializiruetsya in the production of small series. “Following this concept, we design furniture, lamps and accessories that are sold online, says Gabor’s Kodolanyi. — We are opposed to any categorization of our style and freely designed form based solely on our experience. Industrial form, shape and elements inspired by the rural life, such as machinery for harvesting corn, fan grill or car, often in my work, inspired by childhood memories and travels. I find the reinterpretation of the simple objects and repositioning them in the luxurious surroundings of a very exciting design challenge.”


2 Hannabi

Brand Hannabi was founded in 2010 in Budapest. Its founder, anikó rácz worked in the family factory, where she was an interior designer and furniture designer. Particular attention is paid to the importance of the comfort of your couch, trying to figure out how people use it and what it can add to this the usual thing as designer and manufacturer. Is in the production of sofas today specializiruetsya Hannabi, although the range of brand there are also chairs, beds, lamps and carpets. They are all quite concise and often non-trivial combinations of colors. Among customers of the brand, the headquarters of the United Nations in Vienna, the Hungarian national gallery, the Embassy of Hungary, Austria and others.


3 Plydesign

Based furniture brand Plydesign — 25 years of experience in the production of components made of moulded plywood. Mark started out as a supplier to Western European and Scandinavian brands such as Vitra and Scandiform, and after beginning to develop their own interior. Among the objectives of the brand is to revive the Hungarian design and to help young local authors (including working with students at the University of art and design, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy in Budapest). The Flagship chair from the collection Fleet, which was developed by Andras Kerekgyarto, was recognized with many awards. The first Fleet was presented at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair in 2017. Since then this collection has expanded by adding tables and chairs of various types. The technology of molded plywood that is specific to models Plydesign provides soft curved shape, while maintaining the warm qualities of wood.


4 Position Collective

In 2010, several Hungarian designers decided to combine their creative skills and work together, offering design solutions for a wide range of customers. Once you’ve determined your style and concept, they founded the Collective brand Position, which specializiruetsya on interior design and industrial design. The company actively participates in local and overseas interior projects. Her portfolio includes the interior of the restaurant is ZONA in Budapest or the headquarters of the UN in Vienna. The collection includes sofas, armchairs, tables, lamps and ceramics.


5 Studio Nomad

Nomad Studio of architecture and design, located in Budapest. Its founders are the architects Bence Pastor, David was Tarzali and shoma Pongor. “The name Nomad, nomad, reflects the diversity of our work, which covers both small objects and large landscape architectural projects and spatial installations, — say the architects. — Our goal is to show the beauty and joy of simplicity of design and materials. What drives us is our curiosity to experiment, and our intention to create something new and unprecedented”.


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