1. Versatility. In fact, buying one thing, you get two: a locker for storage and a wash basin.
  2. Compactness. In limbo such Cabinet does not occupy space on the floor. Thus, this furniture creates difficulties during cleaning, does not interfere with the feet to move freely.
  3. Modern design solution. Hanging cupboard in the interior creates a sense of airy lightness, stylish looks, fashionable.
  4. Aesthetics. Hidden inside cabinets the water and sewer pipes, and even a small water heater flow type will not break a single style of the interior.




Hanging cabinets and sink install a little more complicated than the floor model cabinets. They are very picky about the quality of the wall. If it is made of drywall, then attach it to a stand will not work, you need a more reliable option.



Hanging cabinets with sink differ in many respects:

  • size;
  • forms;
  • according to the materials from which they are made;
  • on external design.



Form of suspended tables, like the forms of shells, can be completely different:

  • square;
  • rectangular;
  • round;
  • oval;
  • asymmetric;
  • triangular (corner), etc.

In addition, there are cabinets with a countertop and without.

The most popular and preferred form of the shells is a rectangle and an oval. These sinks take up less space and easy to wash. As for the cabinets, their shape may differ from the form established in her shell.




Corner cabinets with sink

The most compact Cabinet considered a Cabinet in the shape of a triangle. They occupy minimum space in the corner of the room. Suitable for small bathrooms.


Classic spacious cabinets with sink and countertops

Now in furniture shops and stores you can find huge number of models of such suspension pedestals. They can have different shape, design, color and sizes.



Hanging cabinets with double sink

Cabinets with two sinks necessary for the bathroom water treatments could carry two people at once. This is the ideal sink for large families, especially in the morning hours of the day when everyone rushing to work, to school, etc.





Hanging cabinets for bathrooms usually made from materials such as: MDF, particle Board, MDF and natural wood. Sink for the Cabinet, in turn, can be made of ceramic materials (pottery and porcelain), stainless steel, artificial and natural stones (marble, onyx, granite), glass, bronze and copper.



Popular sizes

The most compact Cabinet with built-in sink today is Cabinet width 40 cm, depth of 22 cm and a height of 60 cm; the minimum height of cabinets with a sink is equal to 40 cm is Very popular and is considered quite convenient Cabinet with sink dimensions: 80cm*50cm*60cm. Dual models have parameters such as: 130cm*49cm*50cm.


The popular sizes of sinks are considered to be three groups of dimensions:

  1. The Maxi group, which includes cabinets with sink, the width of which varies from 60 cm to 150 cm.
  2. The group standard. It includes a sink with a width not exceeding 50-60 cm.
  3. Group mini. The width of The shells of this group does not exceed 30-50 cm.

The depth of all named groups of shells can reach 25-50 cm. In General, however, this figure is individual, as it depends on growth of its customer’s personal preferences.





The Cabinet with sink you need to buy in accordance with the overall design of the room. Very stylish, cute and modern looks Cabinet with rounded corners white sink with touch faucet, with black walls and white with sliding drawers, and with mirror in black-and-white frame. If the white background boxes to put some simple flower pattern a different color, it will add to the set of ethnic. Decorated in the same colors and patterns the toilet and a shelf will give the room a harmonious interior.


How to choose?

There are several criteria by which you should buy hanging Cabinet for bathroom or restroom:

  • The size of the cabinets. If you have already liked some kind of stand, do not rush to buy it as it is, first and foremost, must be suitable to the room size. She should be able to slide in a selected place, access furniture needs to be opened, and doors should easily open and close. Choose the Cabinet harness of the appropriate size at the moment is quite easy and possible. In almost any furniture showroom you can find the right size cabinets with a sink for every taste. Most importantly don’t forget to measure the width of the place where you want to place the Cabinet.
  • The functionality of the cabinets. The main tasks of such furniture, are the functions of a washbasin and storage. If the first task is clear, the second is to clarify. Depending on this criterion distinguish many types of bollards. There are bedside tables with multiple drawers where you can put towels, cosmetics, household chemicals, or other bathroom toiletries. Or there are tables with ordinary shelves, lockable doors where you can put the same thing in the previous version. There are tables with baskets for dirty Laundry. Bathroom small size is ideal nightstand, consisting of two parts: one for storage of smaller things and one for storing dirty Laundry.
  • The method of installation. Classic or angular form to buy, as you decide. But here again you need to consider the dimensions of your bathroom. If it is small, but there still needs to place the tub and the washing machine, you should look to the corner shaped tables with a sink. This furniture will save much of your bathroom area and will not create problems at harvest.


The selected Cabinet must match the overall style of the interior. In harmony with each other the furniture and other everyday objects will create a cozy and comfortable environment.




How to install?

Install the hanging Cabinet with sink you can own, without the help of professionals. The process of installation by own forces will still be faster and easier if there will be someone as an assistant. So deciding to install the Cabinet harness, make sure that the wall is solid and not made of plasterboard. Prepare furniture and tools. If the furniture is not assembled, and the sink is not installed, then first assemble it according to the instructions, and then enjoy a shell Assembly.




Sink set either on the countertop or directly on the stand. In the first case, you first need to cut a hole in the countertop for the sink. To do this from a large paper or cardboard stencil of the bottom or the bottom of the sink, which will sink in the countertop cabinets. Attach the stencil to the table top, draw a pencil outline around the stencil. Cut using the jigsaw unnecessary part, pre-drilled with a diameter of about 8 mm using a drill. Seal with silicone glue the ends in places of the slice. To do this, use a spatula. If there is no silicone glue, cut temporarily seal with tape. If the sink is not installed in the countertop, it needs to attach to the wall. This can be done by means of anchor pins or anchor bolts. Installing the sink and then from the Cabinet to the wall, check that the landing was accurate and without deviation.


By controlling the installation, remove sink and pedestal and take care of installation of the siphon and mixer. If the mixer is not included, we recommend to buy a quality mixer. Good quality from brands such as Emmevi, Blanco, Vidma Seva-M. If you are not found, note price and weight of products than massive it is, the better the metal from which it is made.

Pay attention to the nozzles. Pipes in a metal braid may eventually rust and swell, leading to leakage of water. Therefore, it is better to replace them with plastic. It is also worth noting that you don’t have to buy an expensive metal trap, as its lower part will be hidden in the closet. It will be enough to buy a plastic version. Their upper part is made of the same material as the expensive siphons with metal bottom part, and the bottom is the same reliable and durable. Especially on a siphon usually put a filter mesh that will completely cover the bottom.


No matter how you try to tightly attach the sink and the Cabinet to the wall in some places is a small gap. So they do not become a place of a congestion of garbage in the future, you need to install the special parts, pre-applying silicone.

How to make your own hands?

Provided that you have all the materials, tools, and most importantly the desire and time, you can always make furniture with washbasin with his hands.

Materials for cabinets it is better to order in your size. Houses collect all the pieces with the help of confirmation, set it on the sink countertop with or without faucet and siphon and a full bathroom furniture will be ready. All this can be done as in the previous section.

The main thing – do not forget to provide a manufactured sink Cabinet with waterproofing. You can do this:

  1. Treating with silicone the ends in the places of cut chipboard. Or they can be glued melamine edge.
  2. Pasted on each part, that is Board DSP, standard self-adhesive film. While it is not necessary to trim the edges, and it is necessary to fit all the corners.