Today, style in the interior plays a very important role. Especially if it creates a feeling of comfort and coziness. Today we, together with the design Studio “R-Design_studio”, will help you to understand the feature of fusion, and how it harmonizes with the use of Neoclassicism.

First of all, we need to understand what this style is and what its peculiarity is. So, fusion is a modern combination of different trends and styles in one design. Its special characteristics are complete freedom in the choice of material, as well as colors and textures. In addition, there is a certain symbiosis of different motives, eras and cultures. Design Studio “R-Design_studio”, the development plan also uses individual approach to each client, to combine the characteristics and tastes of the owner with the design. Also, designers use unusual forms of furniture to get a true modern work of art.

The main thing is that in this style you can experiment, and place the furniture according to your vision. A variety of items, designers recommend to combine with each other, with the help of one color scheme. In the photo, you can see how aesthetically and qualitatively combine details with each other, creating a real comfort.

Color plays an important role!

This style loves to use saturated colors. What did “R-Design_studio” for their clients. They effectively combined the color scheme, adding small accents that stylishly fit into the interior. The main color here is black, and it visually expands the space of the room. And all because the purple sofa, complemented by objects of the same color, or close to it in the color palette.

Textiles and decor

This style, loves a large number of textiles that are present in the interior. So we can observe that in this project, coexist with each other, decorative pillows, draped curtains, bedspreads and capes. In addition, you can combine it with Antiques, family photos and contemporary art.
But if you can’t make their own decor, or to think about how it must look in the interior, then contact the professionals at design Studio “R-Design_studio”. Here you will effectively develop the project and help to bring it to life.