It would seem that such a simple texture — concrete, but how much of variations in the interior you can create with it. For example, in the interior of the Lithuanian apartment gives concrete expression elegant monochrome design.

One of the main objectives that were set at design Studio Dizaino Virtuve was the creation of spacious living space. To this end, the designers combined living room with kitchen, installed Windows in almost the entire height of the wall. And that is because the question with the basic palette was resolved in favor of the monochrome range of gray colors (as always — light colors visually expand the space). So the basis was taken light gray and the design of the image as a whole based on half-tones of gray.

Zaim additional square footage, a living area became the “heart” of the apartment. Here is organized in such functional areas as kitchen, dining room and living room. Zone smoothly flow from one to the other, forming a single space. The interior is not crowded with furniture — just enough to not feel tightness and relax in comfort.

Despite the minimalism in the color design, the materials, the designers have paid great attention. Indeed, the absence of “frills”, they become the protagonists of the interior and ask the character to the room. So in the decoration of the room is dominated by a variety of materials, the main criterion in the selection of which was their texture. This has enabled to harmoniously combine various materials: concrete, wood, glass, metal and stone.

For example, in the kitchen we see an elegant combination of different textures: luxury ebony wood, which made the facades of kitchen furniture and granite (countertops); concrete, which finished the wall, performing the role of a wine “cellar” and glass. The abundance of textures complement the items of furniture and decor stainless steel, brass and woven wood.

But in the design of living and dining areas, the designers played not only with textures but also with the technical methods of finishing and stylistic direction. Classic: with this style, the decoration of the walls panels boiserie panels and the flooring is parquet of bleached oak, laid in a herringbone technique. Contemporary style: fine furniture, elegant shapes combined with textured marble (the wall, which mounted stove and the countertop of the dresser in the living room). Industrial style lamps made of metal. Retro style cast iron radiators and wood stove. Loft style: inclusions brutal concrete of the ceiling.

But the climax of interior composition was the original dresser. The classical form of the piece of furniture beat unconventional design: the skeleton and the end facades are made of wood with countertop of marble, and the fronts of the drawers are made from raw concrete. Despite the simplicity of texture in the interior gives concrete expression to the design.

The whole interior can be described as eclectic: classic techniques in the design organically combined with elements of industrial style, modern furnishings and retro style. This combination of styles was intended to give the apartment a unique character: at one and the same time to feel familiar and new, nostalgia and charm.