Of course, any bathroom can not be imagined without the shell. The comfort in this room will be able to add only the correctly chosen furniture. In view of the fact that this room is usually very little space, ideal furniture is a Cabinet with integrated sink in it.



Cupboard with wash basin call a structure consisting of a small top locker with integrated sink and mixer tap. Drain and water pipes are inside the cabinets. And the hole for the faucet is on the sink or on the countertop surface.

In the Cabinet can be provided with several shelves with doors, sliding drawers and boxes, departments with baskets of dirty Laundry or towels. Of course, the more boxes, the higher the capacity and the functionality of the design. And if the dimensions of the room allow, the furniture, inserted two shells, which is very convenient for a large family.



  1. A rational decision from the standpoint of saving space, since the table is usually unused space under the sink.
  2. It hides the drain and water pipes.
  3. Inside tables can accommodate many bathroom products: cosmetics, household chemicals, towels, washcloths, dirty linen, etc.
  4. Look stylish. A wide offer of various shapes and design allows you to choose any design of interior bathroom.
  5. The countertop at the sink provides additional comfort during hygiene procedures.
  6. In a large Cabinet you can install basket for dirty Laundry and even the washing machine.




Shortcomings of the bedside tables with built-in sink, overall, no. But they can be found when you select the wrong model for your bathroom. For example, if a small bathroom is to put a dimensional table with table top. Some absolutely don’t like outdoor tables with solid legs. In their opinion, sink tables such inconvenient to use, since the legs are unable to move freely. Also sometimes fix faulty plumbing installed inside the furniture, is not always possible and convenient.



Now you can find many types furniture with washbasin. They possess different shapes, sizes and installation methods, made of different materials and parts.

Depending on the mounting method there are two types of cabinets with wash bowl:

  • outdoor;
  • is suspended.



The advantage of the first group of tables is that:

  1. they are easy and simple to install;
  2. you can move to different parts of the room as much as necessary;
  3. there is a huge amount of floor models, tables, different way;
  4. they can withstand a lot of weight, so it is on the outdoor tables you can see a washing-up bowls made of marble.

Outdoor tables can have different foundations, for example, the model on legs or pedestal. The second subspecies is also called the tables on the monolithic frame.


Cabinets on legs

The installation process of such models is simple. If the design does not need to be fixed on the wall, it is sufficient to collect and just put in the right place. Such models can be put in rooms with floor heating. They do not prevent the foot to move freely, easily and freely carry out the cleaning. The best tables are those samples on the legs, the material for which is chromed metal.



Tables with base

They are very convenient to use, and they can just put in the right place. Such tables are reliable in that case, if the cap is made of robust weatherproof materials. Otherwise the whole thing after some time may lose its integrity.




Corner cabinets

Ideal for small spaces. Takes up minimal space and thus perfectly fulfill their task. Looks quite stylish and is very neat. Despite the fact that they look compact, they can accommodate many items. Corner furniture wash basin also are floor and wall. Such cabinets today are increasingly in demand, as they are installed on the often unused space – the corners of the room.



Sink-the sink

Represents a washstand with a large mirror with integrated wash bowl and storage lockers on legs under her.


Hanging cabinets

As the corner model, the suspended cabinets are getting increasingly popular among buyers.

Their advantages are obvious:

  1. They can be installed in small bathrooms. They are able to visually increase the space.
  2. They are comfortable to use.
  3. Do not interfere with the cleaning.
  4. If something happens the flood, they, including things stored inside them, not in any way affected.
  5. Look very fashionable and stylish.

The only drawback is the need to mount on a very solid wall. These tables need to be mounted using dowels or anchors. The surface needs to be either a major panel or a brick wall.




Popular sizes

The most compact Cabinet with wash bowl is a corner model with the following parameters: width 34cm* depth: 29cm* height 79cm.

The simplest and smallest option among conventional cabinets is Cabinet width 40 cm, depth 32.5 cm and 80 cm height This option is suitable for small spaces. However, the most popular size among the compact variants are the Cabinet size 50*44,8*80 see For larger bathrooms, you can choose cabinets with more voluminous dimensions: 90*46*84 see, 120*45*82 see, etc. sink Size can also be different.

The most common option is the Cup sizes, from 50 to 80 centimeters.



Choosing furniture for any room, need to pay attention to the external appearance of the furniture. It needs to fit the room design. To make it easy enough to know some of the features of various styles in the interior. For example, for premises, made in classic style, perfect marble countertops, sink, vitreous China, commode of natural wood with sleek legs. Gold plated faucet will complement the luxurious interior.


For the bathroom in high-tech style is quite suitable large rectangular floor or hanging Cabinet white chipboard with white acrylic sink. The interior, decorated in fusion style, you can safely choose bright and saturated colors of the pedestals of the same shape. To a warm and welcoming rustic country style can be purchased the sink, made of red wood with open shelves under the sink. Oval mirror with shelves, two lamps with fabric lampshades and boxes, canisters, color red wood will perfectly complement the image of the sink.




For those wishing to create a more modern, airy style, I advise to pay attention to the glass models thumbs. The furniture with the sink it is better to choose a different color, not matching, but harmonizing with the color of the furniture. For example, if the locker light, that sticks to it is better to choose darker shades if the Cabinet is dark, then pick up the elements of light shades. Therefore, if you decide to buy a Cabinet with sink, you will need to do it carefully and with love to the bathroom was not only comfortable, but also comfortable to be. Allow yourself to boldly experiment with different styles previously familiarized with their features.



Furniture with sink should be functional and beautiful, but if it is made from substandard materials, then all her benefits be reduced to zero. So how exactly do materials affect the quality and lifetime of the whole structure. The main requirements to the materials of the cabinets is their ability to survive a sharp drop in temperature and humidity. Materials which possess these qualities are MDF panels, MDF, artificial stone and wood. The surface of The furniture, made of MDF, generally processed by two methods:

  1. Painting. First, on the surface of the material is applied primer, and then painted it with paint in multiple layers. This makes the furniture highly protected.
  2. Treatment with a special compound. Material, both outside and inside, is treated with special water-resistant liquid, which prevents process of reproduction and spread of fungi, mold, etc..


Nightstand made of chipboard, less expensive, and various mechanical damage her scary. The surface of this material is covered by plastic sheets, which prevents delamination and swelling of the material. The reliability of the furniture and sinks from an artificial stone you can not doubt it. The only thing it is very important that the surface of the furniture lacked any damage, including scratches that could ruin the integrity of the material. If the furniture is made of wood, it must be covered with a special moisture-proof means. At cost furniture made of natural wood, is more expensive than those made of MDF or chipboard.



Equally important is the quality of the furniture. Over time doors can start to creak and rattle. So the stronger they are the longer they will serve you.

As for the shell, it can be: ceramic, porcelain, earthenware, cast iron, steel, stone and glass. The materials of the cabinets and sink need to be combined.

Depending on what materials made the whole structure, changing its value. At the moment it ranges from 1050 to virtually any 325600.


Recommendations for purchasing

Purchasing furniture and plumbing for bathroom should be taken seriously. After all, it you buy not for one year, and much more.

Not to be disappointed in your purchase, consider the following recommendations:

  1. Carefully consider the arrangement of furniture and sanitary ware in the bathroom. Make accurate measurement of the place where you intend to install the Cabinet.
  2. After reviewing the proposed market types, shapes and sizes of sinks and cabinets, make your choice.
  3. Cabinet no solid walls on the back side is convenient from the point of view of the water and sewer system.
  4. Choose materials resistant to sharp temperature fluctuations and high humidity levels. The presence of any cracks, scratches and other damage and stains and not dyed areas is ending.
  5. Give preference to furniture made of Nickel-plated metal or aluminum. Such fittings will last longer than one that is made of chrome plastic.
  6. The presence of door closers on doors and drawers will hamper the emergence of a loud knocking at the closing.
  7. The more the Cabinet shelves, lockers and compartments, the higher the functionality of the furniture. The presence of mirrors and a basket for dirty Laundry also increases the usefulness of the cabinets.
  8. Make sure that the chosen furniture meets the chosen interior design.
  9. It should be painted efficiently and smoothly.
  10. If you are going to buy a corner model of the pedestal sink, make sure that the corner placement of the thumb is 90 degrees, the corner Cabinet otherwise it will be impossible to install until you podkorrektirovatj corner of the room.





Installation of cabinets with built-in sink consists of several stages. To successfully pass all these stages, you need to follow some rules.

Select locations

Usually, a new sink set in place of the old. In this case, no need to puzzle over how to carry out water and sewage. If you want to set a stand in a new place, you have to solve the issue. In addition, the furniture should be easy to fit in there, and the lockers are free to open and close. If you are going to purchase a wall-mounted type cabinets with sink, ensure the strength of the wall.



The product of calculations and layouts

The product of calculations and layouts gives the opportunity to hold the tube exactly, no damage to the cabinets. Fittings, that is fittings piping should be above the middle shelf. Incorrect measurement can lead to the fact that they will rest against the wall and shelves of the furniture. This applies to the sewer system. For the drain pipe that comes out of the floor, you will have to drill a hole on the bottom and shelves of the cabinets. Then the corrugated hose will stretch from the bottom to the top. So better to measure and hold all the pipes through the wall.

The purchase of materials and preparation of necessary tools

During the installation process you will need:

  • adjustable wrench;
  • FUM-tape;
  • screwdrivers of different sizes;
  • screwdriver;
  • the mixer;
  • siphon;
  • plastic corrugated hoses.

If you have purchased furniture unassembled, you have to first collect it with the help of a screwdriver. This will help you are making instructions for the Assembly of furniture. During this procedure, make sure that every detail was firmly connected with the other. Because once you install it on the sink, tighten the screws stronger will not be possible.


The installation of cabinets with sink

Having passed the previous stages, and successfully preparing all the necessary items and tools, you can begin the installation of furniture with a sink:

  • Disconnect the water supply. Connect the mixer hoses and secure the faucet on the sink. The best varint mixer for cabinets – modern single lever model.
  • Use of a fluoroplastic tape (Teflon sealing material) for sealing the connecting parts.
  • Install a siphon on the drain hole.
  • Attach the sink to the surface of the cabinets.
  • Slide the assembled furniture to the installation site. Do not install pedestal sink close to the wall as there is a lack of ventilation can cause mold. If you need to attach it to the wall, do it using the special bolts. But before that, make calculations and make a mark.
  • Move the pedestal from the installation location and drill on the points marked on the wall. Insert the dowels, push the Cabinet back and secure it with the bolts.
  • Connect the sewer and water system. The installation process is completed.


In the process of assembling furniture with washbasin sometimes have difficulty. For example, if sewer hose prevents tight fit of the furniture to the wall, you will need to saw off part of the shelf, floor or wall cabinets. To do this, use a hacksaw or jigsaw. Or, for example, the sink has no holes for bolts to install on the wall. In this case you can glue it with silicone glue.


Testing shell

After Assembly and installation of cabinets with wash basin, check the health of the whole structure. First, check the reliability and stability of the pedestal, then turn the water on and check to never leak occurred. If everything is working properly, you can safely hand over the work, or enjoy new furniture.


Manufacture by own forces

Fabricate cabinets with built in sink it is easy. The advantage of hand-made furniture is that it will be unique in its kind, it may be cheaper and will be manufactured to the dimensions of your bathroom. However, in any case, you first need to estimate and calculate the cost of purchasing materials and tools missing. If you find that buying is cheaper, what’s the point to spend extra money, effort and most importantly time. If you still decided to make a stand with his own hands, first measure the location proposed and in accordance with this proceed to buy the following materials and tools:

  1. Moisture-proof material for cabinets.
  2. Sturdy and waterproof countertop.
  3. The sink is the right size.
  4. Mixer.
  5. Legs and handles for furniture.
  6. Mounting parts and components.


To manufacture a Cabinet under the sink need to go through the following steps:

  1. Buying material for furniture, it can be cut on the spot. Main thing is specify correct and accurate size of the future Cabinet.
  2. Arriving home, you just have to collect the sawn boards.
  3. Install legs and handles.
  4. The next step in the manufacture of the Cabinet with the sink is the installation of the sink in the countertop. For this you need to cut a hole for the selected wash bowl: first, take the paper, make the pattern, cut the bottom of the sink, put it on top and trace with a pencil the inside line of the hole in the paper. Drill Drill a hole the size of about 8 mm. Then guide the jigsaw along a pencil and cut out the hole for the sink.
  5. Then apply on the edge of the sink with silicone glue and insert it into the countertop.
  6. The hole for the faucet install the faucet. Connect the water supply. If the sink is no such hole, then using a drill make a hole in the countertop with a diameter of approximately 32 millimeters.
  7. Next you need to attach the siphon to the drain on the bottom of the sink, connect the plastic corrugated hose to the sewer system and to provide tightness of connection with putty or sealant. Otherwise the room will get a nasty sewer smell.




For installing suspended cabinets and sinks it to the wall you need to attach some metal corners. That they subsequently will be to keep the sink, counter and Cabinet.