Way back in the 18th century, the main square of the district of Tierra de Barros, Badajoz, surrounded on all sides by hills and winemaking, was built family run Guesthouse. The owners succeeded each other, and from this he was getting older. Now, in the 21st century and its residents were a married couple with two children who wanted to continue their lives in this building, and though it’s still not falling apart, but the revival will not prevent him to not just stand, but also move into a new time.

Reconstruction began the Madrid Studio Lucas y Hernandez-Gil. According to them, in this project it was important to emphasize the “strengths” of the house, which was lost and to find new areas of application with “a modern point of view.”

The process began with the General structural shell refreshment of the existing walls with a solution of lime and wybielanie vaulted ceilings. None of these elements have not been destroyed and only updated.

But, unfortunately, not everyone in the house was beyond repair. Clay tiles could not be saved and had to re-create what was attended by local potters.

Also, the interior appeared quite new parts, which previously was not in it. Brilliant dark red tiles and doors with ornate grape pattern, reminiscent of the region where the house is. Additional door openings for easy access to the inner yard with swimming pool and passage of natural light.

From the second floor left no trace of its past as a place for pantries and storage of sausages. Now it’s more quiet and peaceful place, where there are four bedrooms for the whole family.

But, nevertheless, are still things that are not subjected to any updating or redoing and just stayed like there. And these are the things that survive to the 21st century, were the rough stone steps and old plaster.

Photos: José Hevia