Each of us who has a beloved pet wants to improve his living conditions. Of course you can buy a house in the shop to your taste and discretion. And you can make a cozy house for your pet with your hands, and consider the character and preferences. Don’t forget when creating a area the fact that actually the cat is a wild animal which has been domesticated by man many years ago.

And as a pet she’s looking for a quiet corner where you can retire and sleep in peace because their sleep can last from 15 – 18 hours a day. The house can be done with any material that you have at home. If you have a flat you can make a modest wooden or cardboard, or tie a hammock. But if you have the space allows clear up it could be a house with a play area. Choosing the most popular option is this dwelling form of the fish or cube, it is very convenient the form of a ball, or tent. Not all products like cat houses, some so much with meaning that seem to be integral part of your interior.

house for cats from suitcases

Wooden house for cat

Wooden house for cats can be done with available tools. For example, take the old Cabinet to cut in it a round hole and housing is almost ready. And it is possible to approach this more creative, very relevant now Budy which can accommodate more than one of them and looks in your interior very nicely. Also with wood you can make a wooden cat furniture, it can be a sofa, a bed, a beanbag lounger. Dimensions of such furniture is little more than a puppet and make them easy at the beginning made frame made the mattress where your pet can lie down and relax and at the same time warm and soft it will be. Textiles to the furniture, choose durable not flashy and is sure to be removable.

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wooden house moon with stars

house for kitties drinkers

a home for the cat with your hands

tree house

multiple dwelling for the cat with cabinets

wooden house for cat

unusual area for your favorite

the bed for the cat on the wall

house tent for cat

house for pet polka dot

home for the kitten hand made with improvised means

Soft house cat

Before you begin to create soft home for your pet consider his preference. What fabric you’ll use. Of course it is best to give preference to natural fabrics. Because this material is the safest for your pet. Pre-draw the pattern that you want to make, prepare the materials to have everything at hand and you are ready to work. And don’t worry if you get a dwelling is not very beautiful, but it is made by hand. A good addition to your house is a scratching post and the Lodge, where you pet likes to spend time.

woolen comfortable house

how to make a soft house cat with his hands

soft house cat leopard

how to sew a home for the cat fish

Christmas house for cats

abstract house ball in the square

how to make a house for the kitty t-shirt

knitted house for pet

hanging soft warm house

wool types of beds for cats

house orange

Buda soft for the cat

soft house for cats with their hands

house for Princess

House for cat out of cardboard

The cardboard house for your cats or Murchik will be very convenient, as you don’t bring a lot of trouble. After all, every house has cardboard and glue. And then forward your imagination. You can make the dwelling a pyramid is very simple, cut out lots of circles of different diameter and begin to glue until you reach the top. Don’t forget to cut a door inside you can put a soft Mat and a simple house you can say ready to use. Most importantly, that your pet is fit and could be pulled after waking up in this facility. The design of The cardboard can be varied.

cardboard house for some kittens

homes of cardboard with their hands under the marble

how to make cardboard house

a home for the kitten tank

Houses made of plywood

House of plywood to make order of magnitude harder than cardboard. But such a structure will last longer for your pet. Depending on the interior and floor space do the pre-drawing and then you can begin to work. Initially, you cut out all the parts and begin to assemble the design, then you will need glue, foam rubber, jig saw, hammer and nails. All glued with white glue and you can still strengthen nails, and most importantly, that such a house was steady on the legs, take care of it. The entrance should be large that would have been comfortable in his log. Because the cat is very capricious animal, if it is something she does not like to live there again. As you can see, creating a house is a very exciting process that is actually very simple. Be creative and you will succeed.

houses made of plywood with the stars

the cat house with doors

fancy plywood house

House out of the box

No less attractive looks and budget house with cardboard boxes. The easiest option is to cut a hole and put something soft on the bottom and you can say a simple house is ready. And you can enable your imagination and do something creative. Cardboard is very easy to combine with other materials or fabrics. It could glue sequins buttons various applications. And the entrance can cut a cat’s head and it will also be very creative look. The most important factor in creating such a dwelling is your imagination.

the house for the cat out of the box

house cat with his hands out of the box

the house for the cat out of the box painted

the house for the cat out of the box with hammock

house cat out of the box

Scratching posts for cats

Scratching post is a very useful thing for your pet. After all, cats have the most powerful weapon is claws that they constantly need to grind about something, and that thing in the house was not damaged you can make a scratching post at home. If you live in a private house, in the yard, you can always find a piece of wood that will be main parts of this design. Then make the base and the top, all of these parts can be joined. When you’re all done, you can begin lacing scratching post, it can be done with jute rope. In principle, everything is ready what would your cat could start to sharpen the claws, if she did not immediately understand why this design is necessary can be placed on top of the toy. Sparkle pet will slowly realize that it’s all made for it and will appreciate your efforts.

how to make a scratching post with their hands

scratching with a house for cats with their hands

scratching post house for big cats

Scratching post with wood high

Hammock for the cat

If your cat is passive it is possible for him to make a real hammock. This bench is very easy to do, because it can be placed directly under the seat securing the legs themselves. Or make a portable hammock initially erecting a portable frame you can with conventional header pipe. On the frame then putting on any tight tissue. The hammock not only the device where the cat can relax, but at the same time to observe the surrounding environment, and to remain hidden from prying eyes. And such structures take up very little space of your interior.

hammock for the cat

the woolen hammock for pet

hammock for the cat with your hands with wood trims

a hammock with a house for the cat

Climbing frame for cats

Lazanki for the cat it is primarily the space where he will be spending a lot of time because cats are very playful and often like to walk it alone. For this ideal Lazanki made by hand. Such a thing is even necessary if you live in an apartment or townhouse. With lazanki pet can maintain a healthy physical activity. Such a complex is not necessary to buy in a store, it is easy to do with their hands. It is suitable for all cats returns for both small and their moms.

play set for cats with their hands

Playground for the cat with your hands

the Lodge for the cat from the tree with a coat


soft lazanki for the cat

play area for the cat with cardboard

the Lodge on the wall with pictures

compact the Lodge for a cat in the apartment

a soft tree for the cat

games cat complex

a large play area with all the facilities for your pet

from the Lodge for a cat with a decorative stone