A small apartment on the Black sea coast designed by Ukrainian architecture Studio SVOYA studio. The concept of design determined the location and the panoramic view from the window: a glance shows that the love for the sea is evident in every detail.

Starting point of the project was the Timeless panoramic views from the window frame which was crafted interior.

The apartment is renovated, originally a free plan of the premises. Designers could only properly organize the living space that they did in the best way. The Central and main place apartments has a living room that face the sea (as well as all functional areas) — sitting on a big soft sofa, can be a delight to watch the colours of the water element.

The same can be said in relation to dining areas. A small table placed right at the window. Be it morning coffee or a meal — they will occur in close pairing comfort with beautiful scenery.

An interesting solution used in the formation of a kitchen area. The customer lives alone, stationary and a full kitchen it to anything, so the kitchen area is “marked” conditional. The kitchen has full functionality, and its peculiarity lies in the transit accommodation. That is, the kitchen furniture is placed along the wall separate sections, between which is the entrance to the bedroom. Note again, that during the process of cooking food, the owner will move to the window, where the eyes briefly “touches” the sea.

With regards to the primary colors in the design, it was decided to focus on the shades of light gray and gray-blue tones. A quiet unassuming color palette serves as the perfect backdrop, it complements the sea and creates a cozy atmosphere. And to give expression to the interior, as the accent of added splashes of deep green and terracotta hues.

In front of the window at the end of the living room, placed a small closet. Sliding glass doors walk-in closet covered with a mirror coating, which is made with the expectation that they will reflect the seascape. Thus, unobtrusively, creating the effect of full presence of the sea in the apartment.

It should be noted that all interior parts in common. For example, the bedrooms and walk-in closet in the bedroom is padding wooden panels in the closet door wooden slats that supports a single image. Also the trim panels porcelain stoneware in the living area and bathrooms, as well as the registration and dining area, where the shape of the table is echoed by the lamp above him.

Finally, a few words about the bedroom. Small room with minimum furniture and decor, all in order not to distract from the main view window.

A small amount of furniture and decor, the designers decided to compensate for the original performance. Please note, a bedside table with a base of marble and unusual mirror, the majority of which instead of the usual reflecting surface made of the same marble as the table. Elegant steel finish pendant lights made of light marble.