Aquariums in the interior has always been considered a luxury: they are a chic look, cheerful the glare of the water, colored lights and, of course, ornamental fish are the main factors that describe such structures.

Ideas aquariums in the living room

aquarium in the interior of the apartment

The effects of blue light in the living room

aquarium in the interior design

Aquarium in the interior room

From the point of view of technological complexity of aquariums can be of different size and equipment, but in the interior their role due to the visual “thinning” of space.

Aquarium in the interior design

Aquarium in the interior

Aquarium with beautiful lighting in the interior

Built-in wall aquarium with beautiful lighting

Built-in aquarium in living room luxury

Aquarium in the interior of a small apartment

Aquarium in the interior of a small apartment

Beautiful interior with aquarium

And the presence on the market of a huge variety of aquatic plants allows you to create the most unusual composition from small bowls that are on pedestals or designated areas, up to a huge size of aquarium in the interior used as decorative designs.

Built-in wall aquarium like

Blue light in combination with water

Aquariums built into the wall

Built-in aquariums create a mysterious feeling and serve as a living wall

Built-in aquarium in the form of paintings

Built-in aquarium, fits into the design of the apartment

Dobaviti of ekzotiki of coral in the interior of the apartment

Colored corals in the wall

Elegant atmosphere in the wall

And to most effectively display a piece of ocean at home and to properly locate the aquarium in the interior, on our website presents a rich gallery of colorful photos depicting ways of organizing the space of the home and many design projects in which these elements destined for a major role!

The idea of aquariums for the kitchen

Built-in aquarium in white kitchen

built-in aquarium in white kitchen

Embedded in the design of the bright kitchen

The aquarium separates the kitchen and living room

Ideas for aquariums in offices

The aquariums used in the modern office interiors can have different configurations, and can contain different types of artificial and live plants, they can co-exist with different kinds of fish.

Elegant office aquarium

Stylish aquarium in the room

In harmony with nature

Modern meeting room with aquarium

A workplace with a large aquarium

Negotiating with the aquarium

Beautiful built-in wall aquarium

Aquarium niche

The aquarium as part of the Cabinet

Peregovory with aquarium

Aquarium in the wall between the rooms

Separating the indoor aquarium

Luxury aquarium

Reef marine aquarium

Built-in wall aquarium

Aquarium built in wall

A large aquarium in the wall

The aquarium used to separate rooms

Built-in aquarium, shiroudi room

Freshwater aquarium in the wall

Aquarium in a modern interior

Aquarium on free-standing pedestal

Aquarium built in wardrobe

With neon lights

Cabinet aquarium

Tank divider in the interior

The aquarium as a divider

Photo of the aquarium in the living room, built-in wall

A section of the aquarium is used for zoning room

The aquarium, built in wardrobe