Every owner wants his house to have a beautiful and aesthetic appearance. That is why, quite often have to turn to professional designers, so they created the interior of the house that will satisfy all desires. But what to do if there is no possibility to invite a specialist, or you are just a creative nature? Everything is quite simple, you can make your own wall painting in any room.

In order to get started on the process of creating a picture, you must first select the paint. To do this, you can buy in any building store wall paint, or professional art acrylic paint.

We recommend that you pay attention to the fact that when choosing a paint, you need to pay attention to the colors that you choose. So first decide on the pattern, and then pick up the color to it. And when you choose white color, you should buy Titan whitewashed, because it gives the linen in one coating layer, in contrast to the zinc.

Choosing paint, get started!

When you have selected the paint, and have an image that will draw, then you can start the first stage of work. It provides for the overlapping of planes, primary colors. And when you do, give a day to the wall is well absorbed in the paint. Once the wall is dry, you will be able to draw the details, and get bright and rich colors. And the picture itself over time will not lose its rich color!

Choice kolyaru, to draw the landscape!

  1. Titanium white. When working, you need to buy a large jar of white, because it is one of the most derived colors. Usually when writing any image, it is the milk that ends the fastest, from other colors;
  2. Cobalt blue and sky blue shades. These shades can be good to draw the sky and water;
  3. Light green and grassy. When writing a landscape, it is green and its shades allow you to get realistic in working with plants;
  4. Lemon and dark-yellow;
  5. Red. Red will allow to draw flowers and in combination with blue, will allow to receive a violet shade;
  6. Black. Effectively combined with other colors and allows you to make the picture rich and bright.

Choosing the right paint and shades, you can create a beautiful picture in any room.