The modern construction “is doomed” to develop and improve thanks to the advent of ore clinker bricks. This material is obtained by calcination at a constant temperature of 1000-1600 °C to stages the complete drying of the clay. When thoroughly proven manufacturing techniques is possible to obtain a dense, homogeneous construction material, characterised by high strength (about 30-40 MPa and more).

Among the positive qualities also include:

  • immunity to high temperatures;
  • frost resistance;
  • environmentally friendly;
  • practicality;
  • the variety of colors and textures;
  • the ease of care.

The ore clinker surface is glossy or matte, smooth or rough, made in a modern style or “antique”. Even after years of use, the material retains color and does not crack. He is not afraid of mechanical influences and exposure to sunlight or moisture.

The scope of

If you have decided to create a stylish and unique project, one of the best finishing materials is ore clinker brick It is used for decoration of facades of different destinations: cottages, office centers, restaurants, hotels etc. With the help of ore clinker restored old buildings, lay out the posts of fences, decorate the bases, decorated with columns. Finds application material and inside the house. For example, it is involved in fireplaces, pillars, walls.

Interesting facts

From German “ore clinker” is translated as “brick”, so many believe the combination of these words a tautology. True or not – you decide. But in our language the expression “ore clinker brick” stuck and is used quite actively.

Among the interesting facts about this material isolated as follows:

  1. A special furnace. When making use of a special device for firing, which are characterized by resistance to high temperatures and low height of the furnace channel.
  2. The variety of products. The term “ore clinker” includes not only the brick, and paving, tiles, shingles and stairs. False opinion is that the material is only red that is inherent in clay. By adding an environmentally safe dye can get any color: orange, yellow, gray, brown, black, dark blue, etc. However, it should be noted that each new batch of one series may differ from the previous shade. It is recommended to first calculate the amount of construction material required for the work, and buy everything at once. Otherwise choose an identical brick to be incredibly difficult.
  3. “Sretenie” ore clinker. Sometimes items come double. If you find a brick, don’t worry – this is not a marriage. To separate into separate parts, you need to break it down exactly on a seam pinpoint strikes.
  4. Resistance to aggressive environments. The material is suitable for lining, even in such places as basements, chimneys, ventilation systems. It is connected with excellent resistance to sudden temperature changes and mechanical stress.

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The first ore clinker plant on the territory of Ukraine appeared in Chernigov in the second half of the 19th century. To this day on red square there are areas covered with old cobblestones, which looks amazing, despite a century of life.