Furniture to order

Each house has its own flavor – whether it is a small cozy apartment or a huge mansion, there is a certain atmosphere, a sense of character, implemented style and interior design, which reflects the views of residents about what should be their house. And in order that the dwelling really turned from a cozy and comfortable space, it is necessary to take very seriously the choice of furniture.

Custom-made furniture is a great opportunity to make your home fully meet expectations and ideas. Despite the fact that modern furniture manufacturers offer a huge selection of a wide variety of designs, styles, shapes and colors, it is sometimes difficult to find something that fits perfectly into the interior.

Such services are also relevant for offices, especially when it comes to companies working in the field of advertising, creativity, with children’s or wedding themes, etc. In such an office furniture plays not only a functional role, but also creates the desired color, demonstrates creativity and imagination of employees, their great taste. Often elegant furniture to order becomes evidence of the well-being and reliability of the company, which is also important in building a successful business.

Quality and variety of materials

Execution of furniture to order is made exclusively from quality materials. Furniture under the order can be made of natural wood, fiberboard, chipboard, MDF, glass and plastic, with various decorative elements. No matter what material was chosen, it must meet the highest quality standards, which will guarantee a long and comfortable operation of the structure, perfect appearance for many years.

The material is selected taking into account the interior design of the room, the features of operation. So, for decoration in a modern style often tables, shelves, wardrobes are made of plastic, glass, with chrome elements, lighting. Classic interiors also involve the use of more familiar materials – natural wood, wood materials. Absolutely all materials used by us in production are delivered from the best suppliers, fine quality therefore furniture will serve not one year.

Precise compliance with the parameters and saving

To make a decision to buy furniture to order is often necessary not only for the implementation of the original ideas or ideas, but simply as necessary. So, for small rooms (small kitchens and cramped hallways, children’s rooms with areas for several children) space saving is the main condition for a comfortable stay. And it is the furniture made to order that will help to solve the problem.

Execution of furniture to order often allows you to save significantly, which is due to several reasons: large margins in the salons of finished furniture, the presence of unnecessary elements. It often happens that buyers overpay for furniture, which is very long sought and found in a single version, agreeing to pay the set price.

Individual approach to each order

We make furniture to order according to sketches of any level of complexity – it can be a usual sliding wardrobe or a difficult design for a nursery including a huge number of elements, with exact observance of all parameters and wishes of the client. The cost and speed of the order are determined on an individual basis, depending on the materials used, design features, size, availability of additional elements, etc.