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How nice to hang photo frames on the wall?

We can admire the photos stored in the album on the computer, we can view them on the camera. However, you can give your favorite photos a second life. Many designers claim that successfully created collage of photo frames on the wall will make your room beautiful and original. Today there are many different forms of photo frames, their location on the wall can also be very different, and so they fit perfectly into the interior of any room. If you are interested in the question: how to hang beautiful photo frames on the wall, we can offer you one of these options.

Composition of photo frames on the wall

Think in advance what photos you would like to hang on the wall. It can be views of your favorite city, episodes from your family life, portraits of people close to you, and anything. Photos can be both color and black and white, as in this example. For photos we select black frames of rectangular and square shape.

Before you hang the frame on the wall, you need to carefully consider how to arrange them beautifully. Remember that frames should not be placed close to each other, but also to create between them a long time is not worth it. In this case, the method of arrangement of different size photo frames around one, the largest. In order to find the most suitable arrangement of photo frames relative to each other, lay them on the floor. Take a picture of the most successful option.

You can do this in the appropriate computer program. Or make a hand-drawn sketch of the location of the frames on the wall.

Now make templates of all photo frames. Applying each of them to the wall in accordance with your intended placement option, mark the place for mounting. And be sure to circle the contours of each of the photo frames to correctly position the adjacent frame. It remains to drill holes, screw in the screws and hang the photo frames.

As experts advise, you can hang a photo frame on the wall without nails. To do this, you need to buy special adhesive fasteners designed for gluing frames.
As you can see, to make the wall decor photo frames is easy. But the interior of your room will be fashionable and original.

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