Today, more and more people are thinking about the fact that life needs to change something. And the first thing they do is start redecorating the room. In order to show all their skills, and create a truly unique thing, you can perform wall painting. At first glance, it seems to be quite a difficult process, but if you do everything correctly, you get an unsurpassed result.

First you need to choose an image that will please you and your guests. To do this, you can use the Internet or make your own sketch. Of course the second option is the most difficult, but the work will then be completely individual and reveal all your feelings and thoughts. But if you do not have great artistic data, then of course the Internet will be your best assistant. When the image is selected, then you need to go to the store for paints. Of course you can buy professional art paints, or choose from the building shop wall paints based on acrylic.

“It’s IMPORTANT!!!! Acrylic paints are quite hardy, saturated and dry quickly enough. And most importantly after drying, they are not afraid of water, as they are not washed away from the surface.”

The stages of painting the walls!

  1. Transfer the image from the picture to the wall. To do this, we use a simple pencil or charcoal. We recommend that you pay attention to the fact that coal is better to work, as it is easily erased, does not require much effort;
  2. Draw carefully the details and main accents. In order for the work to be beautiful, you need to carefully draw all the important accents with coal at the beginning. We recommend you to pay attention to the fact that first you should choose images with large and simple planes, then the process will be much easier;
  3. When you have drawn all the coal on the wall and you have transferred the image, then you can start using paint. Prepare the basic colors, and start with the background, gradually drawing the front;

“It’s IMPORTANT!!! We recommend working from the top to the bottom, then the picture will be more accurate, and you will stain the floor with less paint.”

We wish you success, let your work will bring you a lot of fun!!!!