Hey and welcome, tonight we’re going to search for proper wood carving tools Bunnings can offer and some outside of its warehouse. For that we’re going to discuss the qualities of proper whittling tools first so that it’s easier to decide and then will look for some examples that can vividly show us why those characteristics are so important and how to not neglect them. Your choice of instruments can greatly change your overall impression from carving as a hobby and make it immensely easy or incredibly hard, so don’t make any mistakes here.

I’m going to explain what and why should be valued within a knife for wood carving by giving an example of the manufacturer that’s not in Bunnings (yet, at least), but has been popular amongst the carver’s for some time now even if they are relatively new on the market. That seller is BeaverCraft – and you might have just smiled in recognition if you know them and just shrugged if you don’t. They’re a European company known for making not very expensive but quality instruments for newbies in whittling.

All the tools that BeaverCraft produces have high-carbon steel blades which makes them premium quality – it is known that high-carbon steel is great for carving. It holds the edge better than a lot of its alternatives, is easier to sharpen and is a great material for any knife in general. Because of its hardness and resistance to wear, high-carbon steel is often used in making tools and that’s the sign of their high quality and suitability for carving in particular.

And what about the handles? They have to be ergonomic – made specifically for carving and responding to the requirements of a long working process with them, comfortable to use for a long period of time. BeaverCraft’s instruments have wooden handles enriched with oils, not slippery or heavy, so you’ll be comfortable using them if for even a long period of time. And since a lot of us enjoy whittling on a daily basis, that’s quite valuable.

That’s the description of a good wood carving knife you should be looking for – tough razor, greatly shaped shaft for comfort, nice and responsive manufacturer and the quality feel that you get when you hold the tool. BeaverCraft doesn’t have their wood carving tools Bunnings distributed, unfortunately, but they have worldwide delivery as a solution. So if shopping online is an option for you, you might be quite happy with trying them out as well.

Anyway, there are a lot of quality alternative offers that are present in the shop, the best solution would be to try them, carefully and cautiously. You don’t have to rush anywhere since making a decision will be very influential on the following carving process you experience. It will at once make the hobby greatly enjoyable or terrifying and encouraging you to give up. So be attentive but don’t be afraid of doing it, because whittling hobby is an incredibly relaxing thing to take up and a very easy one once you get the hang of it. I wish you all the best and good luck carving!