Many believe that sellers of postcards and soft toys invented Valentine’s Day so that lovers would buy goods from them. Not at all! This holiday has its own history and traditions. Now we will tell you everything.

History of the Valentine -day

History arose in ancient Rome. Emperor Claudius II forbade the young men of his state to marry so that women would not interfere with taking them into the army. The lord believed that it was the ladies who did not let their spouses go to war. And supposedly intentionally prevent the stronger sex from defending their homeland.

But love, as we know, cannot be defeated. And people got married secretly. And the local healer and preacher of Christianity, St. Valentine, helped them in this matter. That’s just the happiness of the young did not last long. Unfortunately, rumors of secret weddings reached the emperors, and lawbreaker Valentine was thrown into prison. The preacher was announced that he would be executed the very next day. Without losing a minute, he wrote a love letter to his beloved girlfriend and asked for a transfer. Which was the last wish of the martyr.

Two hundred years later, the Catholic Church of Valentine canonized. And in 496, Pope Gelasius declared February 14 Valentine’s Day.

It is interesting

  • What to give a guy on February 14
  • How to organize the right surprise for Valentine’s Day. We choose what to give the guy on February 14 original and unusual.
  • Holiday traditions in different countries of the world
  • Actively celebrate Valentine’s Day in different countries of the world began only in the XIX century. And to this day, every year, February 14, lovers give each other cards in the shape of a heart, arrange romantic dates, make offers, get married.

In Japan, for example, girls are given chocolate. The fact is that men of the country of the rising sun, as a rule, do not like sweets. And this delicacy is considered a purely female addiction.

In England, it is customary to guess. Unmarried girls go out on the morning of February 14 and look out for birds. If on the way they meet a robin – this means that the future husband will be a sailor. Sparrow symbolizes the poor, and goldfinch, on the contrary, portends the spouse of the rich.

In the United States of America, lovers are given marzipans, as well as red and white candies. The United States believes that flowers and sweets are symbols of love and purity.

French men are not original. For every Valentine’s Day, they present jewelry to their loved ones. They don’t make other gifts.

In Denmark, dried white flowers are sent to each other.

And in Spain, with a carrier pigeon, they send each other love messages.

Bonfires are lit in Iceland on February 14 in the name of the son of God Odin. In this country, flame symbolizes passion.

But there is a tradition that is revered immediately in all countries: if you make an offer on February 14 or play a wedding that day, the marriage will be happy and strong.
Make a real romantic date for your half. Photo: Ekaterina BOYARSKAYA

Original gifts


Send your beloved on an interesting trip. Let it be an invitation ticket to a fencing lesson, flying in a wind tunnel or on a paraglider, or a master class on tasting alcoholic beverages.

Or, conversely, relax your soulmate. Go with him to the SPA-salon, where relaxing procedures are waiting for you: hammam, massage, body wraps, pool.

Ticket for football, hockey, boxing, basketball. It all depends on the sporting preferences of your loved one.

And, of course, a handmade gift will become expensive. For example, a vivid collage of collaborative photos with memorable moments. Or bake a heart-shaped cake.


The desired gifts for women are flowers, perfumes and jewelry. If you are afraid that you will not please your soul mate – get a gift card in the store. Let her choose what she really needs.

A romantic candlelight dinner prepared by the hands of a man. Do not forget about serving, candles and musical accompaniment.

Joint photo shoot. Do not spare money for the stylist – let him create new interesting images for you: the heroes of your favorite films or books.

Go to the theater for a romantic comedy. Cheer up each other.

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