Your job search has dragged on for a humiliating six months, and your mailbox is silent in response to your resume and cover letters. It’s a good time to think about what you’re doing wrong. Writing a resume can help resume builder near me, that’s sure to interest the recruiter.

A well-known proverb says that you are greeted by the clothes you wear. And a recruiter is greeted by a cover letter. You don’t write cover letters to your resume? A cover letter is a key element that can sell your candidacy to a recruiter.

Cover letter

A job candidate is noticed by a cover letter. A resume is additional substantive information: facts, dates, skills. So start with it. Usually the recruiter gives each letter 3-4 seconds. If the letter is not of interest during this time, it is closed.

The recruiter is a person, too

And so is the employer. Often it is the same person. Or a candidate is selected by an employee who is currently in that position. And he combines the selection with his main job. Most likely at night.

A recruiter may receive over 100 applications a day. In fact, this is the minimum if the position is versatile and/or popular. If the recruiter isn’t interested in you, don’t expect a response. He simply can’t physically respond to everyone. Especially considering the “why” questions that come after the rejection. The “why” list is too long to answer everyone.

The recruiter’s job is to find the candidate, not to help you do the work on your mistakes. And don’t blame him for that.

When compiling a resume, now you need to constantly think about high competition. The applicant is forced to personalize the document for a specific job, and not send out a general resume to many vacancies. If recruiters, after reading something between the lines, are still able to compare the skill described in the resume with an open position, and also take care that your resume matches the skills that it was asked to find for a specific vacancy.

If, due to your experience and skills, you seem to be an insufficiently qualified specialist, then you should write about your skills and achievements in desirable terms – so that the system is able to consider you as a candidate who is ready to take on additional workload.

A cover letter, although an old tool, is quite effective. It is unlikely that a competent hiring manager will refuse the opportunity to get to know the candidate better.

Achievements should be listed in the summary taking into account the vacant position. First of all, the manager looks at whether the qualifications of the candidate are suitable for the job. It is more convenient to list skills and achievements in a list so that the HR manager immediately highlights the main ones.