A beautiful mysterious look that attracts the attention, a dream of almost every woman. A special need for festive eye makeup is felt during the holidays. Fashion trends and trends are changeable, but there are basic tips from professional makeup artists, thanks to which you can look no worse than the stars of show business.

A few tricks for the perfect eye makeup

Do not despair if the first time you can not get the desired result. Eye makeup is also called an art form, because it requires skills and experience. Another attribute of beautiful makeup is quality cosmetics. The Romanovamakeup online store https://romanovamakeup.us/collections/eyes offers professional tools from Olga Romanova, which are manufactured in factories in South Korea, Germany and Italy.

Eye makeup begins with the preparation of the skin. Concealer should be used to mask dark circles and skin blemishes. To keep the shadows for a long time, you need to use a foundation. It is easy to make the look fresh if you apply light shadows on the inner corner of the eye. Dark, rich shadows with sequins are only suitable for evening makeup.

If you use several shades for makeup, the shadows should be carefully shaded, leaving no rough transitions. To visually enlarge the eye, you should apply a white pencil on the inner eyelid. To make a beautiful eye makeup, it is appropriate to use the advice of professional makeup artists:

• Do not apply shadows that match the color of the eyes. For example, it is quite a common mistake to choose blue eye shadows. The eyes appear as small spots on the face.
• Makeup will not have the expected effect if the eyebrows are not cared for. You need to take care of their shape and color.
• For the evening version of make-up, you can apply mascara in several layers, curl lashes with special tweezers. However, makeup artists do not recommend painting the lower lashes. This complicates the view.

You can make a sexy make-up if you use contrasting eye shadows, shade them around the upper and lower eyelids. Arrows add to the look of seduction.

Eye makeup 2022: what will be in fashion

It is expected that eyebrow threads, which were at the peak of popularity in the mid-90s, will return to fashion. The good news awaits lovers of naturalness: the trend is again makeup without makeup, ie maximum naturalness. Bright eye makeup will not be a move, but remember: if the emphasis is on the eyes, do not use bright lipstick and false eyelashes. Arrows will also be relevant, but they can be the only accent in the image. In the new year at the peak of popularity will be matte shadows.