Modern possibilities allow not only to recover a forgotten password to the website, but also to return the stolen funds. For these purposes, special technologies have been developed that the average user does not need to delve into. The only thing he needs to know is where exactly he can restore the blockchain wallet. For these purposes, it is recommended to use the services of the ReclaimYourCrypto online service. Its specialists have extensive knowledge of IT technologies and sufficient experience in recovering wallets, passwords and any lost information.

The main advantages of the company:

  1. spotless reputation;
  2. sufficient experience in this field;
  3. professional training of its employees;
  4. efficiency in completing all assigned tasks.


First, the company’s specialists diagnose a computer or smartphone. If you lose access to general information and thanks to a detailed analysis of the equipment, all data will be restored. In case of a lost password to the blockchain wallet and other cryptocurrency wallets, access to them is restored without much difficulty. If the private key is lost, regardless of the format, using their own tools and technologies, the service staff will quickly restore it. Thanks to the unique methods of the company’s specialists, they restore the missing words of the private key and the missing characters.

If you encounter problems with your blockchain wallet, it is recommended that you immediately follow this link Here they will not only help with password recovery, but will also do everything in order to return the stolen money. The company’s specialists maintain close ties with the world-class blockchain analytics leaders. They are engaged in an in-depth study of the movement of funds through the blockchain. Thanks to their unique technologies, they analyze the movement of money, install mixers through which the coins passed. Then the sites where the cryptocurrency was exchanged are identified. The final result is the determination of the exit point of the cryptocurrency.

Invalid recipient address

Recently, one of the most common problems has become an incorrectly specified recipient address. In particular, users send BCH cryptocurrency to the Tether USD address or to the user’s BTC system. Turning to the ReclaimYourCrypto service staff for help, each user will receive comprehensive information on issues of interest to him and a free consultation.